How to deal with the chaser effects?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by steez, Jan 4, 2015.

  1. steez

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    As in the title. Do you have any specific ways to help you deal with chaser effects? Because every time i fail at my goal, even after longer period of time,one single masturbation changes the whole mindset ive been working on in just a moment. After a relapse i cant seem to get back on track , and it takes me a long time to change my approach and fully commit myself again.
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  2. steez

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    Also there is always that voice in my head that says: "well if you want to quit fap forever , at least do it one more time to feel satisfied and say goodbye". And even thought i cant think of any single time that it left me satisfied and wanting to never go back to act of fapping it keeps tricking me. I wonder if anyone had this problem too?
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    The chaser's been hitting me hard as well, steez. You're not alone!

    We have to work on our discipline throughout these next few days. We have to keep thinking of our goals. We have to remind ourselves, constantly if we must, why we're doing this. Coming up with a practical plan to combat urges always helps, and I admittidly need to get better at finding an activity to do before I ultimately convince myself to watch porn. Clean something. Go for a walk. Get some excersise. Something, anything, that will get our minds off of porn. This may well be what works for you.

    Hope this helps!
  4. Yes man, happened to me too. Someone gave me advice on this. He said that to break free from this nasty world of porn, you must take "radical change", meaning that you must not compromise at all. Start right at the moment, no looking back. Easier saying than doing it though
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    The best way to look at it is that you're losing weight. So you slipped up and ate a whole cake, the worst thing you can do is say "well, I already broke my diet so why not a bunch of fast food."

    PMOing hurts your progress, but doesn't destroy it. Thus "one more time" isn't a freebie, but continues to set you back. Keep that in mind.
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  6. The only way I can keep away from it is to replace it with activity.
    There is no way I can beat that voice in my head at the early stages of non fapping. After a couple of weeks it will start to ease off as new habits are formed.

    I take every day one at a time with a full plan how to win that day! (small goals do become big ones)
    I keet out of my room and am as social as possible, engaged in as much positive activity as I can. Now the habits are begining to form and I feel much more in control of those urges.
  7. lifeistooshort

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    for me, procrastination was also a problem, and I used that mindset, "I can think about that later" and then immediately change my mind and focus and get out of there as fast as I possibly could. sounds kinda dumb, I know but it worked for me. Also 30 days of cold showers tests your ability to commit to anything.
  8. salamorta

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    your main issue is... your "ego" is controling you...
    the ego is the inner voice in your head that talks to you, you think its your own thoughtprocess, but its not... you must try and learn to control it, its the source of your anxiety and fears, the lack of selfconfidence and low selfesteem... fapping helps to increase its power.

    your only enemy here is yourself and the not trying to get out of the deep well you are in. fapping is bad, i wish i would have known that before that...

    i decided on dec 28th to quit, i hardmode quit since then without any secondthought. over the days i started reading on some forums about all this stuff, and i am more than ever willing to pull it through..
    i will do it by sheer willpower!

    i will give you some helpful advices, maybe it will work, maybe it will not work, everybody is different...:
    1) at first, why do you want to stop, realize it
    2) set yourself a goal, for example: i dont want to have this feeling after fapping, that void, or shame and guilt
    3) nofap: start at that very moment you decide to quit, doesnt matter if you have the urge or such thoughts mentioned above or not.
    4) divert your focus from everything that led you in the past to fapping
    5) zero-arousal method: dont do, watch, look at anything that leads you to fap
    if it isnt avoidable, just dont focus your mind on the parts that leads you to fap
    6) urges/cravings: just let them be, if they are there then they should be there, just dont do it
    7) the first days are hard, because your brain and body are too used to it, so they release all those signals and chemicals to get you to do it.... if you overcome these obstacles, after some days your body starts to be reprogrammed. the human body adjusts itself to every environment, so be patient with your body and brain to get their chance to reprogram... time is necessary.
    8) use self discipline and selfcontrol as weapons...
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