How to deal with the guilt?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by zx125, Sep 16, 2017.

  1. zx125

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    If you relapse how do you deal with the guilt? I have only recently come close to relapsing by edging and I feel so guilty and as though I have let myself down.
  2. DeProfundis

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    If you happen to be Catholic, there is Confession.....
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  3. Got to Overcome

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    Recognize that you have no time for guilt and depression. Relapses are unfortunate, but none among us is perfect. When and if relapses come, determine the cause of the relapse, make the necessary changes to prevent relapsing in the same way in the future, and then immediately recommit yourself to self-improvement.

    Really, where is guilt going to get you? It's only going to make you feel bad about yourself. And the worse you feel about yourself, the higher the likelihood you'll fall back into heavy PMO use. So focus on the positive. You've almost made it a year without relapse. That's seriously impressive. Continue to dwell on the fact that you've already accomplished more than most, and occasional relapse notwithstanding, you're sure to only continue to improve.
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  4. Davepl

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    Guilt should be used in a healthy way.

    Don't wallow in it. It is good to feel guilt about something you don't want to do, it shows how you feel, and are trying.

    The danger of guilt when taken to far is that you feel like I messed up I might as well do more, than you feel guilty for that and do more ext. You get stuck in that nasty cycle.

    Simply use your guilt as a way that you know you are trying to better yourself, and don't sink into it.

    This is imo. I've been in unhealthy guilt cycles for 20 years and trying to break them myself.
  5. Damn I know how you feel bro. Been there way too many times and I don't want to go back. Just keep fighting and move on.
  6. zx125

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    I was just edging by using my imagination and touching myself over my clothes. I came close to climaxing.
  7. Nomenyeux

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    Whale, you known what they say - better to cut it off than to enter into that lake of fire. So I'm doing my best to chemically castrate myself with chasteberry (Vitex).

    Its supposed to ruin your ability to orgasm. I am looking forward to a day when I dont have to worry about ruining my sheets.
  8. When you're on a streak as long as yours, the temptation is to not reset when necessary. I once had to reset after 950 days (was before joining this forum). If you're guilty, examine why and decide if you truly need to reset.

    If you don't need to reset, what's there to feel guilty about? You were tempted and you overcame.

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