How to deal with the horniness

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  1. This may be a weird question, but when I'm not looking at porn, and avoiding masturbation, what do I do with all my sexual energy? Like yeah, I work out and stuff, and it is actually improved by nofap, but it's a very temporary solution to my sex drive, as it can be back within a couple of hours. I'm also waiting until marriage with sex, and I don't have (nor have I ever had for that matter) a girlfriend, so that's a long way away.
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    You can just store that energy from when you're creative enough to do something big. I made two demos of a music project of mine while on about 70 days nofap when I was only 15. So I can prove to you that even when you keep a lot of time without using that energy, you can just keep storing it. Everything is just better than relapsing to pmo, trust me bro.
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    I also find that issue quite difficult. I think its best to just let those thoughts be and eventually they'll fade. Easier said than done but I haven't experienced a better method. What also helps me is to keep in mind that this is basically what we were meant to do biologically and just be happy that you get to think those thoughts because they're kind of life itself.

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