How to do NoFap when studying for a very, VERY SERIOUS exam ?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by TheRebootMan, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. TheRebootMan

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    Howdy guys, Here's the deal. I'm currently preparing for a very serious exam (2 months prior) and i have to read and learn a HUGE amount of material. And when i say HUGE, I mean it. I read 12 hours a day, every single f**ing day. This exam will determine my future career, so it's extremely important to be 100 % concentrated when i prepare for it.

    I've noticed that after 5-7 days of nofap, i become easily triggered and i can't concentrate, thinking about relapsing to release some pressure. Also i notice that often times i fight consciously with these thoughts, which eventually leads to either relapsing or lack of concentration and mind wondering...

    Now, I really want to do the challenge again, because i've noticed great benefits after my latest streak, including increased self-awareness, self-confidence, aggressiveness (in a good way) etc. - all of them, things, that will help me in other activities i'm also working on.

    SO, my questions are: 1. Will these urges fade away eventually in the near future(and i really want an honest answer - my life and career depend on it) ? 2. Can you give me ideas on how to deal with urges and wondering in *that direction thoughts (techniques and so on..) ?

    THANKS IN ADVANCE, and sorry for my English if i misexpressed something !!!!
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  2. saneagain

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    If your life depends on this exam and MOing helps you release tension and have some focus, then do it once a week or how often you feel the need to. But no porn.

    If you are like most here, addicted for years, then masturbating once a week will not make a big difference.

    If you want to quit masturbation too, I would do it after the exam.
  3. Hungry_Shark

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    I agree with @saneagain ,
    If your exams are that important then you can ejaculate during exams but start a new streak after exams.

    I am doing nofap myself for 9 months, and I can attest that nofap is a big journey .
    First week you get urges, then you get flatline, and both urges and flatline make it extremely difficult to even get out of bed (due to lack of motivation and fatigue) forget about study.
    So delay the nofap process till the end of your exams
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  4. TheRebootMan

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    Thanks for the advices. I'll try no pmo hardmode and if things get out of control, i might just mo, without p.
  5. Runtilmylegsdropoff

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    What subject/career are you studying for?
  6. Troels. L

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    Keep in mind that abstaining from porn / masturbation makes you remember much better, you can suddenly remember incidents in your life you thought you couldn't before
  7. Hey I'm in the same situation myself. I'm preparing for medical entrance exams. I have less than six months now. So yeah I have to study a lot these days.

    About masturbation. I feel that when I relapse, my motivation to study falls steeply. I cant focus on studies anymore and then I go on procrastinating.
  8. James232

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    You have to set your priorities straight. Nofap can wait if it affects your concentration while preparing. You can do it after.
  9. bro are you preparing for JEE?
  10. He said his exam is in 2 months. JEE is in April.
    I'm preparing for NEET and AIIMS.
  11. Yes it is tough. Just don't watch porn. Honestly, MO-ing will release some tension but will make you weaker physically the next few days, so basically you will get only 5-4 days of proper study in a week.
    Now, if you watch porn too then you wont be able to retain whatever you read. I can't really blame you for MO-ing but you can totally avoid porn, not an excuse there man.
    Personally, I relapse during exam and preparation times simply because of a lack of activity. So whenever I've saturated my brain too much, I go down for a walk/run/cycling/swimming. But mostly for half an hour or so. It refreshes my mind, but makes me just enough tired to not masturbate but continue with my studies. If you study late night, try this out. It helps a lot. And don't eat excessively at night, never a good idea. Just a few tips off the top of my head. Good luck for your exams :)

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