how to fight nights of wild unconciousness relapse

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    Hi mates,My problem is the following: I can't pass a month without fap,the more FAR I CAN GET IS 28 DAYS,and Im stuck on that number of days,In all my streaks of this year I couldn't even get a month (30/31 days clean),In normal streaks I get just to day 20 or day 27.

    the case is that when Im on day 20 of my streak,I start to get tired of following protocols of nofap and I start to forgot how fapping was so bad for me,maybe is that,and then on that same night of the 20th day,Sleeping with my rock hard boners,I wake up like a sleepwalker,and start unconciousness to fap I dont know how,maybe I scratch a bit my dick and then I half-wake up to fap unconciouss is like im possesed

    the problems I detected that may cause this scene of unconciousness relapse :

    maybe it's the fact that I forgot about the horrors of the fap,and then my mind becomes unware of fapping and edging? then this unchains on these nights?

    can somebody help me with tips? routines etc? and how I can remember the horrors of fap did to me? to put them in my damned subconcious mind
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    The best thing that can help is to write a journal everyday. You can post here everyday about how your day went, what did you do today etc. Writing everyday here and also replying to others here will keep you aware of nofap. Working out, meditation, socializing every day etc is also helpful. Goodluck!
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