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Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by noonoon, Jan 31, 2017.

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    Keep trying, surely you'll get a smile soon. It's a game of numbers.
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    It means fuck-ugly. Despite a few moral issues I have with the OP's post, his method is actually a pretty good way of gaining some self confidence.
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    Interesting approach...
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    compliment is a deadlock way to flirt a high-tier beautiful or sexy girl to likes you, because you may not be the only guy out of 100 guys who complimented her that day, also nice guy finish last... which mean compliment = nice guy acts and maybe good 1 or 2 times but will eventually get boring over time.
    The greatest way to flirt is being cocky (treat her as your little sister without joking about her personal life and her face) but have the ability to capture a girl attention all the time with your words, tell an intrigue story, and when a girl try to ask for your personal information (work/home/life/blah blah blah) you just need to ignores or make a jokes about it. (keep being mysterious will capture a girl attention).
    Feels free to disagree with me but once you doing it right, all the girls will automatically fall right into your arm...
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    In belgium there is a saying " teasing girls is asking for love"

    if you tease a girl you are flirting with her. like if she says she is a
    Teacher you say with a smile oh a strict one where all the children are scared of?allways make sure you are playfull and do it with a smile..

    compliments a big no
    Giving compliments is the worst way to flirt because woman are smart and know when you are saying things to get her in to bed.. Most woman olso heard that they are beautifull so it has no meaning for her.

    but there is a way to give compliments that do work :

    If you actually give a compliment as a reaction to her response like " i work at a bar" and you respond like yeah right a woman like you works at a bar and she is like what do you mean ? Well you dress nice so i don't thinx a bar is something for you.

    Or do it in a direct confident way like hey "i thinx you are sexy and want to go out with you" you are taking the lead you still gave her a compliment but didn't do it to get a reaction you are just saying youre opinion and what you want.

    Olso you might give compliments if you really admire something that isn't a false compliment for example i've once had a girl who did volunteer work at africa i said i admired her passion and i really did.. i didn't say it to get her in the sack.

    So bottom line :
    Do you know why they call a player a player? because he plays with woman he teases her in a funny way and makes it a game thats how you flirt. don't take life to serious
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    perfect post. there is a reason why they call a player a player he doesn't take life to serious he plays with woman.
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    A lot of helpful information in the OP. I might try that someday( if my brain allows it).
    Thanks a lot!
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    As the rest of the comments have made undoubtedly clear, this is one of many ways to gain confidence and practice flirting. I really appreciated it, and the comments about adding humor or a little innuendo or teasing. I wanted to add two ideas:

    First: shoes. Compliment them. Ask her where she got them. She will notice and appreciate this.

    Second: compliments about appearance and surface things like shoes can be enhanced in value by adding a little something extra to them. This article has a lot of great suggestions for doing so. For example:

    If you say something like, "You look awesome today, I love that dress," you actually have a great opportunity to add some depth and value to your compliment that takes it beyond just looks. You can add in something like, "you have really good taste," or "you always know the right/perfect thing to wear for these events." You can also say things like, "you look really professional," or "you look sassy, like you're about to kick Monday in the ass."​
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    me too

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