How to get a girlfriend 101

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Mera, Feb 15, 2016.

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    What's a good body lotion?
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  2. Any name that works 1343

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    I shower every morning, comb my short hair, shave, dress with a button up shirt and go to the gym regularly. Why? Because it's a personal choice I prefer. Preferring long hair over short hair, a beard over no beard, or one style over the other, makes no difference in of it's self. What matters is who you are and if you're a good person or not. If you're not the most hygienic person in terms of how you present yourself, that has nothing to do with YOUR personal choices, your personality, or your interests/tastes/preferences in fashion and dress. That's a random thing. Sometimes I like having a beard, and sometimes I don't. I wouldn't mind having long hair either. Guess what? Nothing changed essentially about me as a person when I preferred one style over the other. It's about who you are.

    Some people look great with a hipster beard, long hair, afro, mustache, short hair, ect. What suits your style? Which one brings out YOUR personality the most? Which one is you? Which one do YOU prefer? When you pick something, be confident and resolved with it.

    Failing to take showers is simply failing to leave your comfort zone, or common unwillingness or laziness. You just have to do the opposite of what you're used to doing, like showering regularly. It is completely possible. That has nothing to do with making "questionable"/wrong personal choices or being a certain way that makes you unattractive. So nobody here has a "problem" simply because of the way they present themselves. To state that is a fallacy.

    Second of all, I'm going to assume you had some trauma/ bullying/not pleasant experiences due to your disposition on the use of the word "bro" because I can sense the edge, hostility, and mockery in your employment of the word. As if all people using the word "bro", are evil.
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    Besides optimizing your looks, style, and your lifestyle (for instance a poor lifestyle due to no money is not so attractive to most women as a lifestyle of options).

    imo, it's also a "numbers game" for a man. Much more so for a man then woman.
    And to be able to participate in a numbers game, you need sufficient self esteem. Because in a numbers game there is alot of rejection, and one needs to have strong self esteem to be unaffected or little affected by that.
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    No soap can wash away the stench of this irony. There are 2 options:
    1. Do other steps beside #5: change yourself to become more attractive(social proof/status, physical attractiveness, get access to resources)
    2. Play numbers game until you find the woman that you want
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    Yap, I agree with you. Op, read how to get girlfriend guide, exactly what "HereAndThere" said but with more in-depth, with useful details and examples...
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    Don't put pussy/females on a pedestal. Do your thang, do you. Give no fucks.
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  7. I disagree. You have to do both 1. and 2. Or you can do 3. be lucky. But that's not really up to you.
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    Well, exactly if you ask me... :)
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  9. Been in NoFap since 2016 and haven't read this thread until now. Amazing. The smell good advice is what makes this thread great. Hopefully I'll smell like apples and cinnamon lol.
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    Lol, I am sharing your opinion :)

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