How to get girls?

Discussion in 'Off-topic Discussion' started by Nick:3, Feb 2, 2019.

  1. Nick:3

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    Ok, I've got this new desire to wanna get 10s and 9s, atm i'm seeing my ex who's like a 6-7.5, but I want a girl who's the best for me imo. How does one get better game?
    2 years ago, I tried approaching a lot (was at a depressed point in my life at that time) and I just got rejected and it hurt a lot, and nothing seemed to get better, so I wanna ask, what's your tips on getting better with girls?
    (P.S. I'm a bit scrawny, started working out to get bigger recently, and have been doing martial arts for a while)
    Also don't have a crazy amount of time to go out at night lot
  2. EthanW.

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    Okay: You want casual sex or love and marriage?
  3. IAmLegion

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    You leave a newborn on the side of the road and wait behind the bu-
  4. overclocked

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    It's all about the Benjamins ;)
  5. I give you this tip not every 10 is someone you want to spend time with the more you talk to them the more you find beauty is skin deep with a lot of them.
  6. What's with the numbers? Are you planning to enter the Olympics or something?
  7. This is a total myth. Many women will bang a degenerate with no job if he has game.
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  8. Marik757

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    Temporarily rate everyone as 5's. Then rate them accordingly once you get to know their personality.
  9. Nick:3

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    ngl casual sex, although if I find an awesome enough girl then a relationship
  10. 12ove

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    You need some Shallow Hal action in your life it sounds like..are you a 9 or a 10? looks wise, or personality? Just curious because you better be both if you are planning to make a dime your wife. 9's and 10's can get any guy they want to talk to them at any time and they know it, thats why most have personalities of a rock. You need to be confident and stand out, be an alpha and always in control of the moment but never portraying douche confidence (i.e. answering you are a 9 or 10 looks wise) Good luck bud! I stopped seeking out dimes a long time ago when I realized what cleanliving was talking about... i've found some amazing women who have personalities of a 10 that are wifey material but looks wise they are probably 7.5's those are they girls all men need to be more attracted to. Is your ex a cool girl? because if not you should stop hooking up with her
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  11. EthanW.

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    (Such a good movie)
  12. Reuby

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    When in doubt flop it out
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  13. Imnatty7

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    just say hi, or maybe find something in subject with what she's doing.
    You just need the confidence to do things of course at first you won't have it like in anything else just keep talking to womens and everything will be ok, asking on a forum about it isn't good tho, you will learn better by acting on it so you can come back here and talk about your success.
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  14. Hank Pym

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    Just dont lust, sleep well, do HIIT(better than regular work out, gives muscle good shape than size) and eat healthy. Believe me or not.. Today more number of hotties and their moms were staring at me. It's because I did try to cross my limits in the workout this week so I was looking more energetic.
  15. LonelyDude21

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    The age of the girls. Sike.
  16. Wow! Don't think it's appropriate for someone in their 20's to date a 10 year old.
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  17. There is no such thing as 'casual' sex. Sex has profound neurochemical effects which deeply bind us to the person we're having sex with, whether we admit it or not. Attempting to have 'casual' sex is playing with fire, and most likely will burn to some extent- a cursory examination of humans around us strongly backs this.

    Not to mention risks of conception, which should be taken with the utmost seriousness.

    keep fighting

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