How to get out of a binge?

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    Hello everyone.

    I held my ground for 30 days but after relapsing I have gone 2 days max without PMO. Righ now im focused on studying, but in my free time i usually relapse. I like to read and workout.

    I want to beat my addiction but sometimes my mind goes on autopilot
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    It's easy to lose grip and get sucked back in to the world of porn - porn is reliable and never judges us.

    it also destroys our social relationships, sinks us into depression and turns us into an empty shell.

    for me, social interaction is my light in the dark.
    Make plans to FaceTime your family and friends everyday.
    Plan walks, exercise and other activities.

    The longer you leave porn alone the easier it will be to say NO to it.

    if you don't have many friends, make some
    If you don't speak with your family, start today.

    Overall, social interactions are the best "cure" for porn.
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    Usually after a streak bingeing to porn is common. In this time you should act like your still on your streak. And dont count the relapses or days. Keep your days busy. I know its covid but try and visit people like your friends or your relatives. And delete your social media if you haven't. Try installing porn blockers on your phone or computer. but whats better than a porn blocker is to just stay strong and stay busy. wake up a hour early and take a cold shower, go for a run make yourself some breakfast. if you have a car try staying on roads all day and keeping yourself as busy as you can. just some tips.
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