how to get rid of P-subs.

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    I am writing this because I have been relapsing for like two months. I had a good streak of 53 days since I joined here. I struggled hard in some days like hell. The reason why I slip was I was alone in the home some days. I peeked some videos, but I didn't slip then, but later in some days. because I peeked some treat videos, those memories keep coming to mind and I couldn't control leading to relapse. After that 12 and 10 days are my highest. smoking while M is my high.

    how to get rid of these habits. I have relapsed 1 hour ago. I feel ashamed now. I wrote in the journal that I will control myself at all cost. It's was written yesterday I have the confidence then, but today it's gone.

    What should I do to control these recurring relapses take control of my things that matters most?
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  2. I think you need to accept the fact that you can’t allow yourself searching/browsing/clicking on (light) sexual material. Remove FB, insta, snap and other apps from your phone. Others it will damage the process of recovery. Go back to the fundamental roots, it will be hard but so damn worth it.
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  4. Almost anything meant to be arousing can be considered a p-sub. Hell, almost anything that arouses you can be considered that too. You can't "get rid" of them, that's absolutely impossible. The best you can do is ignore them. Or learn to do so.
  5. True. Some things we can’t control but that’s life but removing insta, fb and that kind of apps from your phone/tab etc. can be a good thing because installing it again takes way more time and that time can be the difference in just clicking on your already logged in app or overthinking - installing - and logging in.
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    This is not meant to be discouraging - I am 38 days free from PMO and actually it is easier being free from everything than dabbling in "light" porn etc. You can do it, one day at a time.
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    It's not just about what you see or any sensory input, you ultimately have to discipline your mind. If anything can be a pSub including billboards and things in public, you just cannot rely on not seeing stuff. I swear it's not a complicated point but it's like people totally ignore this simple fact like they never heard of it.
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  8. Your confidence is an emotion, I am sure you know that feeling full of joy now does not mean you will feel full of joy from this moment forward.
    You know that feeling sad now does not mean you will feel sad your entire life moving forward until you die.
    Why are you surprised to discover that feeling motivated does not mean you will be motivated until the end of time.
    Feelings are temporary and depend on allot of factors, most of the time we do not feel much we just feel - ok and sometimes we get stronger or weaker emotions that we enjoy or do not.
    Committing to something when you feel like it is most common mistake, yes you may feel motivated to make a change -
    I will drop porn you say and you know what
    I will go get that second degree in college and
    I will also start my own business and
    begin writing a book,
    yes it is the time of change!!!

    Notice that you feel motivated a temporary feeling that will pass and when you feel it you can honestly agree that pretty much everything is possible. But then just like laughter that feeling passes and you are back to feeling "OK" and somehow all those things you said about dropping porn, going back to college, writing a book etc all those are kind of not as existing as you felt in that moment.

    You have to learn to deal with your emotions, learn to read them and use them to your advantage or should I say to plan effective long term behavior despite effects of emotions.
    You will feel happy sometimes and you will feel motivated sometimes, you can not rely on sometimes to drive consistent results.
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  9. Well, that and social media as a whole is built in a way that attempts to get its users addicted to it, grants short-term validation for the narcissistic or soon-to-be narcissistic peons that are addicted to it, and every single "connection" an individual that uses social media has on it is just insincere engagement.

    Oh and Instagram has a lot of attractive women on it. That aren't always completely clothed. So... there's that. Making its use an unproductive, detrimental (especially in regards to NoFap) waste of time, unless you're a business trying to advertise. But I digress... somewhat.
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    Relapsing after 53 days isn't necessarily a failure. Had you set a goal to go 53 days, you would've felt good for completing it and move on to your next goal. Set a goal that's a reasonable specific date so it can't be changed. And train yourself to repeat that date every time you feel triggered in any way. Then you'll be able to pull yourself away.
    Like others have said, motivation comes and goes; so you have to have some specific reasonable goal programmed into your brain that's independent of emotions. And to yeah, absolutely anything can potentially be a trigger, so never look or think in lust on this journey.
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