How to get rid of those sexual thoughts or fetish memories ?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Blackthread, Mar 29, 2019.

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    I can push myself to 2 weeks straight of nofap with proper food and exercise and when I go further, there are some memories from the porn I've watched that is disturbing me, so the struggle is even harder and I can't get rid of those negative sexual thoughts and eventually there is no other way for me to stop this and relapsing again and again, is there any ways to solve this?
  2. Hi Blackthread,

    I'm a little further down the road than you in terms of abstanence, so I can say it gets better. I still have problems with p sexualizing my reality at times, but whats helped me greatly has been listening to an anti-porn addiction binaural video on youtube.

    Here's a 9-minute video to start. In order to be effective, lay down and listen with earbuds:

    I listen every so often to this one at night:

    Its efects go beyond just helping to stay away from P sources, but also P thoughts. Its not perfect solution (still looking for that), but it does help.
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    you've got to fill your schedule up totally. Don't leave an inch unfilled with any positive activities that would keep you distracted, seriously the first few days are so hard and then things ease up. but again the key is through these activity some of them must turn into habits. So that later every time you're tempted to watch and masturbate you instead go and practice this/those activity/s. They could be as simple as drawing, walking, going out with friends/family/siblings or even along, sports, grading,cooking, reading, attending events, or even your job. Just make what you do as engaging and intersting as possible.
    I would highly suggest downloading and following up with this app Reborn. Because it will keep you alert and aware of your problem. Hence, avoiding it.
    this is the link to the app
    Nevertheless, if you relapse, it's not the end of the world just get back to the right path as quick as possible. You'r brain is still aware of your new path!
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    Thank you. I am a newby to nofap and I found these videos to be very helpful. It has only been 4 days P free but I feel as though I have renewed hope with such a great support network.
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  5. Good! Excited to hear!

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