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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by RedPillRebooter, Jun 10, 2017.

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    Alright so I here every day about how you guys can't score it with the ladies.
    This is redpillrebooter's guide to getting the girls.
    Step 1) Dress nice, look fresh, be under the age of 35.
    If you are ugly as fuck the get attractive, buy nice clothes, nice shoes, a nice watch. Get a good haircut, brush your teeth, etc.

    Step 2) Go to the bars, conversate with the local wildlife
    Go to the bars, drink until you feel loose, talk to the ugliest girls there. The ugly girls respond well to compliments but only if you're dressed well. Eventually you will get use to talking with girls and you can work your way up the castle.

    Step 3) Touching girls and flirting hard
    Ok so there are many variations on how to flirt but how I do it is I talk with a girl for a minute or so. I smile, and then I say something like "but yea we should hangout, cause you're sexxxy/you're a real cutie", then she'll smile then touch her stomach with your index finger and then grab her softly and kiss her. I swear to God if you do that she'll know you have balls and she'll want you sooooo bad after that.
    After you kiss her say something like "maybe we could go back to your place and kiss a little?" She'll say yes.

    That's it folks, the bars are a GREAT place to meet women. You can gain experience this way. You'll loose your shyness. And you can take what you learned and apply it anywhere like the workplace, such as seducing your co-workers. Or if you want a relationship with a girl than the first step is kissing her.

    Your welcome!
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  2. sparkywantsnoPMO

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    Thank you for the advice.

    Step 1 - What if you're over 35?
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  3. mac_walker

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    The country where I'm living in, the bars have only drunk men.
  4. IamRick

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    Good advice but its a little bare bones. Confident body language, eye contact, being less reactive etc, there's alot more subtleties to the game, we'd all be drowning in coon if compliments, looking good & touching were all it took.
  5. Bars arent an option here in my country as im not goin to touch Alcohol or its substitute.

    what other locations can it work
  6. clarkjo12

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  8. Ocean Man

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    This is all good, it's nice. Some say to go out there to a bar and talk to all the woman. But I feel that the feeling and the intention is not genuine. You are going out there to get some pussy as they say now. There's nothing wrong of course, but in what are you basing your interactions then?

    Just go out there and talk to people, learn from them! Have you sit down and have a long conversation with a 90 year old lady or with a 5 year old kid? What do you know about the people around you, the experiences they have.
    Start getting to know others, you'll learn something I bet.

    I think meeting a women it's not something that you read at SoSuave, TSB Magazine, Bobby Rio, Chris Haven and Marc Summers. Meeting a woman is about living your life and letting them meet you.

    The only thing I hope is that my future girl looks at me like Hila looks at Ethan.

    Papa bless, you can do it mate! Never give up, you can beat this adiction!
  9. QCA

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    I tried this once and it was kind of good news bad news thing. She kept giggling when I poked her in the stomach but she thought it was fun. Well we went back to my place hooked up and she seemed like she was into it but just kept up giggling throughout the whole thing. Damndest thing I ever saw. It was only that morning when I woke up that I realized I had gotten wasted and picked up the Pillsbury Dough Boy. At first I was mad but then he was like "want me to make breakfast?"
  10. Andre2807

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    My grandfather gave me the following advice: You won't meet your wife at a bar.

    And he was right. I met my wife during the day at a train station.
  11. Deadlihood

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    But one of you WAS drunk, right?

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