How to get younger matches on Tinder

Discussion in 'Dating during a Reboot' started by Deleted Account, Aug 14, 2019.

  1. Yep u do

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    We want to help you. Some comments are harsh but try to ignore the shape and understand the message. You are gonna walk on the wrong path. Like a sheep that fled and people try to catch back cuz it is gonna fall or get eaten, but it sees people coming running and moving there arms, so he thinks that they wanna harm him and he jumps and die
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    "They can see me?" That's honestly your defense for lying? And dude, you're lying by seven years. Not one or two. And of course they ask how old you are ... because they see your pic and say "no way in hell is that guy 29."

    Old rags? Beta? Dude--are you sure you're actually 36, and not 14?
  3. Wow, what a dunce! :eek:
  4. You put yourself on a public place, where you will be judged, measured and moralised. This is part and parcel of any public discussion. What idiocy!!!
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    Well #1 dont lie about your age
    #2 youre 36, you shouldnt be going for 20 year olds.
    #3 even most 20 year old guys have issues with matching with 20 year old girls on that thing
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    Personally I think if Epic Fight wants to hide his age in order to meet younger women it's entirely up to him and I have no issue with it. The women can make up their minds when they meet him in person.

    Online dating profiles always have to be taken with a pinch of salt. I have encountered the following many times:
    • Women who are lying about their age (either that or they've had a very hard life).
    • Interesting interpretations of what an 'average' body shape looks like.
    • Those who will use photos of when they were 8 years younger and 2 stone lighter.
    • Photos taken at flattering angles with ridiculous filters that bare no resemblance to their actual appearance.
    I am sure the men are the same.

    In any case the truth will always come out eventually.
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  7. Honestly, I kind of agree. A lot of people lie on dating profiles. But that doesn't make it right, or good advice to give to others. It's still a messed up thing to do.
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  8. elevate

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    If you're someone that feels the need to manipulate in order to convince someone to be in a relationship with you, you're reinforcing the belief that you aren't good enough and that you need to continue tricking / convincing them to be interested in someone that you're not.

    That shame of who you really are and the manipulating with hidden agendas will always be the fragile foundation of that relationship. Always paranoid and walking on eggshells. Until eventually one or both sides decides it's no longer worth the manipulation and allow themselves to be who they really are... which is the person that they didn't sign up for or are interested in... resentment bubbles up... eventually the relationship crumbles.

    Have fun with those inevitable consequences.
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  9. Honestly I don't see why the OP is triggering a lot of bad replies. The man just sharing his strategy how it works for him. If you don't like it , pass on! Not like he'll date your young sister as you appear afraid... Also why can't men in their 30's or even in their 50 s can't date young chicks in their 20's?
    There are a lot of women who like older guys in case you didn't know?
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    OMG, the girls had to actually ASK "how old are you?" :emoji_dizzy_face:

    Yeah, that ONS/F-buddy relationship of his coulda' been rock SOLID! :emoji_laughing:
  11. elevate

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    He posted a topic here. Most of us said our opinions. We didn't like what he had to say. He didn't like what we had to say. He deleted his account. He tried to understand our point of view as much as we tried to understand his.

    If I posted a topic saying I like to punch dogs in the faces every morning, I'm pretty sure nobody would try to understand me either.
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  12. Infrasapiens

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    Epic Escape.

    It is not right to lie, even if you only want to have sex and never see each other again, it would still be manipulation.

    It's like that dude who told a russian woman he was rich so she would marry him. The dude isn't rich and it was a terrible marriage. To be honest, she only wanted the money. To be more honest, she was open about it.
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    Be Honest you said???? :D :D :D

    idk man, I think we were quite aggressive in expressing our views. Who are we to judge is that is wrong or right. He thought he'd make a post about it to help others. We made our opinions clear. I wish he was more thick skinned. Anyways it was funny af....he says how to lie about age and then the very next line he says be honest lmfao! One hilarious bald scammer dude!

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