How to get yourself to work out when you hate sports?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by rfis, Nov 9, 2019.

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    Hi everyone!

    The title is probably self-explanatory: I would really like to start working out in order to get rid of my sad superskinny body and become more physically attractive instead. Hitting the gym would probably be my only option since I have a really hard time building muscle (ectomorphic body type); other sports like swimming or running would probably make me even skinnier.

    However, whenever I tried going to the gym on a regular basis in the past, I loathed it. It was just so incredibly dull and stupid compared to, say, reading a book or going to the cinema with friends. So I would always give up after a couple of weeks.

    Have any of you been in the same situation and overcome it, i.e. not being a sports lover at all and still getting yourselves to work out? If yes, what were/are your secrets to success?

    Many thanks!

    ZORROW Fapstronaut

    Every one has this problem related to workout in the gym or running or whatsoever sports . But i will target here the gym part and my answer will be related to gym exercises .

    PORN- watching porn is not really tough in today's time , you just have to make some few clicks and there you go , you are on to the trip to fantasy/hell . The chemical release in the brain is known as dopamine , this is the most important chemical present in brain , which motivates us to do more and achieve more , earlier when porn was not present , humans gets this chemical from hunting animals , doing something in which hard work is required , then after they complete that particular task then only this chemical gets released and you feel some sense of achievement . Now a days just by watching porn this chemical is getting releasing and which is ruining your dopamine receptors . Your brain is easily getting this hard earned chemical within few seconds and with minimum efforts .

    GYM- When we go to the gym we do workout , so after the workout we gets this chemical dopamine , which motivates us to come again here tomorrow for exercising , now your body is a natural phenomena so it will require time and lots of efforts in order to change your body , in losing fat and in gaining muscle or vice versa , this is in general is long process , now remember day 1 of your exercise in gym , you had a blast , you really worked out and at the end of your workout you felt great like a conqueror of the world , but as the days got passed this feeling gets low and you always expect the same amount of dopamine everyday after workout but that is not possible , when you first time lifts weight or do bench press of 40kg then the amount of dopamine which will get released will be higher as compare to your 40th time when you will life the same lift , in order to get more dopamine you need to work even harder and since there is no shortcuts here , your body doesnt transform within weeks or days it require time you brain gets bored of it and then you quit .

    So , my friend this is the summary and solution for your problem , understand it and workout everyday no matter what . You are only doing it for your future-self so make him proud .
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    I would also recommend to start doing bodyweight exercises ( when an urge hits, tired, lethargic etc.) I mysself have yet to attain consistency but when yu dont go the gym or just dont have the motivation due to faltline doing bodyweight exercises may either get your body flowing so you do end up going to the gym or enough to bypass the current lethargic state of being, so my two cents do a warm up before you set foot in the gym or continue with non gym required movements if you dont go the gym.
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  4. Working out isn't a sport. It is a very challenging and rewarding activity. A few weeks is not enough time to see large improvements in your body, so of course you gave up. But if you commit to a solid workout plan, try your hardest every time, and eat a healthy diet, you will see results and hopefully that will motivate you to keep going.

    No pain no gain. Want the sexy body? Gotta work for it. That's why it's called working out.
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  5. koolpal

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    Zumba, yoga, taichi, pilates, and partnered dance classes helped a lot.
  6. Yeah that's a good idea. I get that you're a bookworm OP but maybe try a few of these activities out. You might find it fun after all. I was a nerd too but I got hooked on martial arts a couple years ago and it's been wonderful. And I also got addicted to lifting. Humans should naturally want to use their bodies, not just their brains.
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  7. This is how I started loving my body. Through martial arts (Muay Thai and BJJ). Even with a small frame, you should consider learning how to defend yourself if you are unarmed. Your body will naturally get stronger and look better through training. (IMO, a fighter's body looks best but of course I am VERY biased!) It will take time and you will take big hits and get tapped out a lot, but throw your ego away and roll with the strongest people you can. "If you're the smartest person in the group, you're with the wrong group of people." The same applies to training (whatever it is you decide to do). If you are so weak, then just about anything will help. Start with basics like pushups, situps, and squats. Maybe choose an interval (like 1 minute) and do a set of those exercises with 1 minute rest in between. Then you cam tweak those variables: reps per set, rest interval, and number of sets. Eat a lot too because you'll need it.
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  8. FeelTheThunder

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    you need to see results from your gym workouts to be motivated to go further and fall in love with working out.
    You won't see results until you eat big.
    Drink 2 whey protein shakes, Eat 200grams chicken breast, and an oatmeal in the morning
    the rest of the meals are of your wish.
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    I understand you completly. I was always wondering what the hell i was doing at the gym. It just did not fit me. However, training at home with some dumbells worked more for me. But its hard to keep it a habbit.
  10. FeelTheThunder

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    I didnt like the gym either. Just dedicate yourself for a month. rest is your wish
  11. Exactly. In addition to abstaining from a bad habit, cultivate a good one like training and exercise. All the frustration and energy built up from nofap (whatever conditons you're imposing on yourself) should now be spent on more productive activities. In this sense, one may be surprised at how much energy one really has. Don't forget to have fun and enjoy it.
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    I also "hate sports", as in I can't stand watching them, even wrestling, but love working out. The two are separate imo.
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