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How to go 120 days without P - Easily

Discussion in 'Success Stories' started by ThePoet, Jun 11, 2015.

  1. mickeyds

    mickeyds Fapstronaut

    Hey! Quick question. Last night a girl was texting me and basically she wants something. She started to text me "things" and stuff like that. Am I supposed to avoid this? I am 10 days into NoFap and I feel good. But I did get erections from the things she was saying. What's you opinion on this matter?
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  2. Cooldude4

    Cooldude4 Fapstronaut

    good job!!!
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  3. ThePoet

    ThePoet Fapstronaut

    Hey man,

    I had a few motivations to quit:

    - I hated the feeling of worthlessness, disgust etc that I felt after every session. I used to get major depression and would end up staying at home('hibernating' as my friends used to call it ) for like days at a time.

    I remember I felt so purposeless, depressed and so on that I considered suicide but seeing as suicide is a major sin and lands u in a place worse, I didnt do it. Thank God!

    - second is the religious aspect. Its against my religion to watch p and most scholars say m is not allowed too.

    In any case, it really was a huge weight on my shoulders that made me feel like my life was worthless man .

    First, Congratulations on sticking with it bro. You are a soldier in the trenches man. Keep going.

    Second, my advice to you would be to think about if you really deep down have told yourself you quit. Like not just half quit but theres a chance of return.

    Then id say you need to implement the cold turkey full on environment I.e no mobile w Internet (get an old one), no laptop, no tv and so on. It's tough and is a lot to sacrifice. But trust me brother, its worth it in the end.
  4. ThePoet

    ThePoet Fapstronaut


    Hey man great job,

    Id say you should probably avoid her for a number of reasons:

    1- if u rnt serious about her but like lead her on in order to get some, you kinda fall into the use and move on culture which degrades women and men to just objects of pleasure. This might not sound too bad but the problem is that it makes fulfilment a far off thing u r always chasing . Similar to watchin p, where u r always lookin for that first feelin but its gone n u never get it. Till eventually u watch p n do m just to stay sane n not to feel pleasure.

    - also its obv gonna hurt your no pmo as u r gonna get tempted by her for sure n ul end up in bed or doin m.

    Thats jmho . Thanks for the question bro
  5. Fighter834

    Fighter834 Fapstronaut

    I see a lot of people downplaying your progress but its' still an accomplishment and people shouldn't blast you like this. That's very discouraging and they wouldn't respond well to someone blasting them like that either. You set a goal and you accomplished it. Now, you've clearly set a new goal and are already making progress on it. Don't let the negativity pull you down. We all started somewhere and I'm happy to see anyone make progress on their goals. I do agree though...it's time for you to accomplish the next step and get rid of the fantasies. And I know you can do it.
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  6. ThePoet

    ThePoet Fapstronaut

    Hey brother,

    I really appreciate that man. Yeah its true, it can be discouraging when people criticise your progress but I just see it like that's their perspective and its all good.

    Also there's more encouraging people on here than negative I think, so it works out :)

    Yeah man, you are right. I did no P that way in order to focus and make it easier.

    Now I'm doing no pmo and thank God its easy too.

    Im on day 11.

    Keep fighting ;)
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  7. congrats bro...! reaching 127in the first atempt without P is a great achievement... its infact a good idea to accomplish your goal in stages rather than taking up all at once, ending up failing and getting disappointed. All the best for higher mode...!
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  8. ThePoet

    ThePoet Fapstronaut

    Thanks a lot bro,

    Yeah exactly that was the thinking behind it.

    Thanks a lot man I really appreciate that.

    I hope u are successful too.
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  9. ThatOneGuy56

    ThatOneGuy56 Fapstronaut

    Good for you! As for me, I'm going all the way! No porn or masturbating (I've technically never fapped but I used to do it hands free) or fantasies
  10. Zeref

    Zeref New Fapstronaut

    I think it's great that you've been able to go 127 days without porn, but you need to change your attitude about women, bro. I'm a guy, and if I decided not to wear a regular t-shirts and track pants like I always do, and instead wear a button down shirt, I wouldn't be doing this just to increase my self worth or so that you could pity me--I'd wear it because I just wanted to wear that kind of clothing that day.

    Similarly, if a women wants to show off her body, she's doing it because she wants to, for whatever reason (maybe it's hot outside), and you don't need to feel sorry for them.

    I agree that you shouldn't objectify women and value them just for their body, but you also shouldn't judge women just for showing off their body.

    I also agree that if you know for sure that I'm wearing decent clothing just to increase my feeling of self worth or a woman is wearing revealing clothing just to increase their feeling of self worth, then feel free to feel sorry. But please don't judge prematurely. It's not cool.
  11. Thrivelife

    Thrivelife Fapstronaut

    God guys, ya'll are missing the point. And congrats man, huge accomplishment! And FYI ....... and Icandothis66; most of the literature in scientific studies of sex and sex therapy views moderate masturbation as healthy, as well as imagination as healthy in relationship sex life. Well, obviously, all art for instance comes from masturbation. That being said, sex addiction therapists recommend moderate masturbation without imagination and focusing only on feelings.

    That being said, people are here because they're addicted to porn and masterbate compulsively. So obviously witholding from masturbation and imagination for a time are important for healing, but this is just a forum and one approach. It's also one that doesn't align with the forefront and overarching fields of sex addiction therapy. Aside from all this, congrats again bro on your improvements!
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