How to grow thicker facial hair?

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  1. Not sure if this belongs in this section but I was wondering how to increase facial hair growth. Right now I can't grow a beard and that's not right.
    I can tell it's helping a little with nofap but want it to be faster? Is it because of possible low testosterone?
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  2. Flyhigh

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    This is my problem too, I want to grow thick facial hairs but can't seem to grow some.
  3. One heard of some creams and pills bUT that's a little wild
  4. Flyhigh

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    Trimming can help do the work but it takes a long time.
  5. HappyDaysAreHereAgain

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    Most of it is genetic. What kind of a beard did your dad and your grandfathers have?
    Every decade a beard gets a little thicker. Over 80, we don't even think about sing an electric razor. As thick hair finally sprouts from our chin, it also sprouts from our ears and nose, and our foreheads grow up over the top of our head. You cannot have it all.
  6. urban legend has it that eating
    :emoji_heart_eyes_cat::emoji_heart_eyes_cat: helps. But honestly it's all about genetics. Does anyone in your family have a beard? Dad? Uncle? Etc. Your young too so you still have a lot of time. Btw not every guy can grow a beard. Some guys just can't. How much facial hair do you have now? I'm guessing stubble maybe?
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  7. JesusGreen

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    It's all genetics and age. Some people won't be able to grow a full beard at any age. Most people will but the age they're able to do it at will vary - for one guy it might be 18, another guy it might be 35.

    The other thing to keep in mind is that most beards grow unevenly. How long have you let your beard grow before giving up on it? Some people for example will find that they only get beard in say their goatee area for the first 3 weeks, and then after week 7 or 8 they have a full beard. Patchy beards tend to fill out over time assuming you have the genetics and are old enough for your personal genetics to be able to grow a full beard. So don't give up on your beard if it's only been a few weeks or less.

    So, don't trim or cut your beard (trimming does NOT help your beard grow faster, and so is a bad idea) for at least a couple of months and re-evaluate.

    If you're still not getting much growth or it's patchy and not how you like it, then you have a few choices: 1) wait and try again in a couple of years, 2) make the best of what you've got, for example if you grow fine in the moustache area but not the rest of your beard, try just growing an awesome moustache instead and shave the rest, 3) give up, or 4) minoxidil.

    Minoxidil is one option for speeding up facial hair growth. Provided that you actually have hair follicles there and they just aren't growing, Minoxidil can cause them to grow. I've seen examples of people who had like 3 hairs on their chin prior to Minoxodil, and then grew completely full thick beards after minoxidil. So it is an option, and it does work.

    Minoxidil does have some downsides though:
    1. You have to use it for months before you'll start to see much effect from it, so it's not an overnight solution.
    2. You have to use it for around a year if you don't want to lose the beard it helped you grow. If you stop applying Minoxidil before the hair goes terminal, it'll just fall out, so you can't just apply Minoxidil until your beard fills out and then stop, you need to apply it for around a year or so.
    3. It can in rare cases cause you to grow hair in unusual places. Ever wanted to have to shave your forehead every day? Me neither, but for some people who use Minoxodil that's a day to day reality for them because their forehead now grows its own beard!
    4. It can lower your blood pressure, and have negative interactions with certain medications. Ideally check with your doctor before using it.
    5. I hear it also really dries out your skin so you'll often have lots of dead skin flakes in your beard during the entire course of the Minoxodil treatment, which.. means around a year.
    I'd really like to grow a full beard, and I considered Minoxidil but the random hair sprouting up in weird places part was something I didn't particularly want to risk, so I never went down that route. Personally I kept a goatee for a while (since I was able to grow one fine, just not a full beard), and then more recently shaved it - planning to try again at a full beard in a year or two and see if I have better luck.
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  8. Thejourneybegins

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    Could be a lot of things genes too maybe? But i have tried Castor oil in the past helped me personally could give it a shot?
  9. plant goodness

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    Just remember everytime you fap it will make your body have to sacrifice beard thickness to compensate for lost lifeforce and nutrients.

    I'd just focus on the reboot and let the beard take care of itself if I were you.

    I mean if you cannot grow a righteous beard so be it but doing anything other than living healthy and rebooting seems like going out of your way for hair on your face.
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  10. That's all snake oil.
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  11. HappyDaysAreHereAgain

    HappyDaysAreHereAgain Fapstronaut

    Chemo seems to work wonders. After everything falls out, it all comes back better than ever, but it is not a recommended treatment for weak hair growth.
  12. NoBrainer

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    Stop shaving. :p
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  13. Flyhigh

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    Guys, I have thin hair follicles on my face like lots of them but never grew thick. I'm 31 now, do you think I can still grow them thick one day?
  14. HappyDaysAreHereAgain

    HappyDaysAreHereAgain Fapstronaut

    Not a great change with time, but a bit thicker each decade.
  15. megmega

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    Yes, testosterone levels and genetics have an impact on the growth of the beard. You may need to condition your body and use some beard care. Grow your beard by maintaining good habits and using care products such as beard growth oil or beard cream.
  16. Haddock0

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    Just figure out what works for your face rather than try to do what seems cool. A neat trimmed beard often can look way better than a super thick one.

    Source: Me, a teen with a beard
  17. properWood

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    Out of curiosity, why do you want to grow a beard? Because someone on the internet said "thanks me later" after suggesting you grow a beard? Isn't this a limiting belief that you are not good enough unless you grow a beard? Are you succumbing to what a frustrated girl said on a web-page? There are plenty of good-looking men without a beard, famous actors in their days didn't have one and were still very attractive.

    What's the advantage of having a beard? I see mostly negatives to having one: you have to trim it ever so often, a lot of bacteria can find its way in there, I've seen a lot of men with food in their beard, you really have to clean it properly and, yes, every day, just like shaving.

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