How to have the first move with a girl?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by thejoyprovider, Aug 9, 2014.

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    So, since the beginning of time I've been missing the way to have fun with a girl no string attached. I only did it a few times but was strugling and was nervous.
    One part of me just want to have fun with a girl I just met but on the other hand Im shy to the point of non logic.

    I am always worried to make a move without an erection. I am afraid if I make a move and start kissing etc it wont budge so I wont be able to have success.

    This is the reason I lost countless opportunities. Even with girls that they were literally open to me I always feel I can't make it.

    I m not so bad in making first move in talking and chatting but when it comes to sexy time I feel like a child. Literally. No experience in there. No nothing.

    It's been haunting me since forever.
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    I don't think we can help you with that as its only in your head.. just go for it!You can't know if you wont be able to lift it up until you try.You are able to loose less if you didn't get it up rather than ejecting in every opportunity
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    I don't know I usually avoid western women.
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    Do what I have done once. Kiss the girl. If boner hides, then tell girl you dont go all the way if you are not in a seriouse relationship. Most girls think thats great and you will have her respect. In the end you win! If you kiss her again another time you might feel more secure with her this time and woila, boner might pop up;) If not, you know you have some more rebooting to do. Either way you dont have to loose your face when you drop you panths and boner is not there:) Good luck buddy!
  5. Two things from me:
    1: Kissing - If you are afraid try some tests.
    #1 Take her hair and play with it. If she will be smiling, you are on the good way.
    #2 Take you glass of water and place it next to her. If she don´t move her glass away - good for you.
    #3 If she is arranging her hair like crazy - great for you. You can also watch her pupils (wide pupils mean she is in a good mood, but carefully on dark places)

    To the kissing itself. One way - stop talking and watch into her eyes for 3 sec. If she don´t turn away her eyes kiss her. Second way - if you are still not sure - just make only 80 % of the move and let her do the remaining 20 % and you can also use 3 sec from the first step. :)

    2: If you have a boner and she saw it you can tell to her that you have a boner from her. I know exact czech phrase for this situation and it is really effective, but I don´t know if I can translate it. This is not accurate, but try something like: "You are interesting women, i have a boner from you." This must be said in a playful and confident way and not like "You are awesome and hot and I want to fuck you."

    But your problem is in your head as it was mentioned here and I think that this problem is in your head not because you are not confidendt enough but because you don´t touch her enough before the kiss and through this you are afraid if you will be accepted. Correct me, if I am wrong. It takes practice, but when you have 5 - 10 touches through the date she´ll see, you communicate in the same way as her so she start touching you too. Then you can slightly escalate it and the first kiss is quite easy if you do it as I said. :) Start on the shoulders, speak well about her earrings, rings or nails and touch it. Touch her not as a bear, but only with your pads of fingers. :)
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    I had an experience with a girl last night. Went perfect on all those things. Seems like nature is showing me the way but I failed to actually have sex with her. There was a moment where my libido was pretty high but some moments later there was a moment - in the actual intercourse - where I could not get it up.

    The "touch her not as a bear" made me laugh. Thanks for the reply.
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