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Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by Lynx93, Apr 20, 2021.

  1. Lynx93

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    I wish I had a longer penis, I think I would feel more confident in myself, and would be easier to get girls as well. I know that because of Porn Addiction, I have developed issues that make more difficult for me to satisfy my partner. Now I'm thinking on how to do it to make my dick longer and better, while I keep on NoFap.
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  2. Robindale

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    That's the porn talking. If you think your penis needs to be longer to be more confident and have it better with a partner, then you have a distorted view of sexuality, probably caused by or certainly exacerbated by porn. You have what God gave you and it will be beautiful and satisfying to your partner who you are with in love, intimacy and emotional connection. My opinion, forget the fixation on your penis and work on developing a healthier you, which is all in the brain. Once you get rid of the PMO and get an understanding why it had become such a draw for you, your confidence will build and you will be confident in your own skin, and the right partner will see that and want to be part of that. Best wishes.
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  3. Humble Warrior

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    The first thing your partner see's is your face, not your dick. And you need to make a good impression with that face first. It's not about having a bigger dick or a smaller one. It's about putting in work and being patient for results.
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  4. CarP

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    cut it off and plant it in your backyard, water regularly, put some NPK fertiliser around it so it's healthy, watch out for the penis devourers (they come out of the ground at full moon, you should start a campfire around your penis so they get scared), pick it out of the ground after about half a year when it starts growing branches
  5. palindromo

    palindromo Fapstronaut

    only surgically
  6. Lynx93

    Lynx93 Fapstronaut

    I understand that maybe my mind has been affected by porn, including my expectations and my own self-image. But also, i think most men regardless of porn, have in mind like the importance of the sex organ for ourselves, for our own self-esteem.

    Also I understand that there may be some exercises that could help. But not sure of which are the most effective ones.
  7. phwrancesco

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    You probably won't be more confident with a bigger dick. Confidence is not in your penis size.
  8. Trobone

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    You're going to get a lot more benefit of working on your internal fulfillment and confidence and happiness compared to hanging weights from your dick for 20 hours a day.
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  9. ReclaimedLife

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    Well... how big are you. It IS possible to make it bigger, but only really worth all the time and effort if you are noticeably under the average range. And usually it will take several years of dedicated Training to see results.

    Anyone in the average range is much better off just to focus on becoming better at sex in general. Once you know what you're doing and girls like banging with you, that's the point where you decide whether it's still worth to make it bigger.
    You're skill in bed will decide how much the girl will enjoy It. A bigger D is mostly just a bonus.

    But it definitely IS possible to make it bigger.
  10. silentmike

    silentmike Fapstronaut

    "For every 30-50lbs of excess weight you will lose an inch of visible penis."

    So, there is hope with no surgery
  11. IGY

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    Wow, I must have an enormous dick. It is just buried, LMFAO! :D
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  12. mdnirvana

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    With traction therapy you can make it longer and thicker. You need to search youtubg videos of traction. And it Will take at least 6 months to see results
    And try to traction therapy after meals. After traction get fantasy in your mind and stay erected so blood suply and nutritions could reach penis.
    Hope it Will work for you. Good luck. Amd dont be ambitious and damage your penis. You must be very very gentle with your penis.

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