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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Nebulousclasher22, Feb 1, 2019.

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    Since i've realised my addiction and slavery to porn (i've mentioned about in other thread) i am much more aware of my surroundings now. I have many things to concentrate. I study more often now. I workout. So is there any way that i can get better at making friends. Though i got few of old buddies there are in different areas, so we really couldn't connect that often. I even tried to join a group even though some of them are nice they are not really acknowledging me as a member of their group? Is there any way i could be more likeable ?
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    Great question man.

    I find that the more I develop self love and self-respect and the LESS i try to seek it from people the more people give it to me.

    The more I try to seek it from them, the more they sense my emptiness.

    So the answer is to develop a new relationship with your aloneness. In silence, in quietness in your loneliness, in your suffering, can you be quiet and feel a presence of love that is no different from your very being?

    Can you choose to wake up early, meditate, workout and do the right thing even when you feel depressed and lonely and to keep a good attitude?

    can you forgive yourself for feeling like a piece of shit sometimes and try to focus your mind on what is good and well about your situation?

    These are tests that we are facing and once we pass the tests we evolve to a new being.

    So, in summary, I would suggest start a daily ritual and try to stick to them.

    1. food (no meat), 2. Meditation 3 Waking up Early 2 hrs before dawn 4. exercise (Intense+yoga) 4. breathing (win-hof method) 5 helping others... are things that make me feel really good

    Then once you do this you can start going to the same places every week

    1 Go to the same coffee shop 3 times, say hi to the peopel who work there and practice small talk, you can look up and find some group you have something in common, go there and talk about the things you love - rather than try to find friends, try to feel good by exercise, meditation and readin good books, then go and GIVE value to others.

    2 Focus on GIVING value to the people you meet in social settings - giving value is when you stop trying to seek them to be nice to you and you choose to be there for them. This will naturally make you more attractive.

    3 Be totally non-needy- realize NO ONE can give you or make you happy. Only YOU can make YOU happy in your own aloneness, then other people will be added to your life to express the happiness you feel from within externally.
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    Hola muy post. Yo también estoy sin amigos. Y cuando nos sentimos solos es xq ponemos el foco de atención en los otros. Y sinceramente tenemos q aprovechar ese tiempo y espacio para dessrrodesa una nueva amistad con nosotros mismos. Los humanos nos atrae las personas que tienen buena vibra, y el único modo de tener buena vibra es llevarse bien con unos mismo. Hoy justamente me encuentro solo, y al escribir esto me doy cuenta que me voy a regalar paciencia y serenidad. Un abrazo
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