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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by christiangay, Feb 4, 2015.

  1. christiangay

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    Hey guys!

    When I finished one school it turned out that I have many short breaks during the day. As I noticed the only thing I did after finishing a task was opening my macbook and read some "great" news on the Internet. Usually it ended on watching some sticky pictures. I decided to create a list of stuff I like and enjoy. I keep the list at hand and every time I have a few minutes free I choose one of the things from the list. My list looks like that:

    • Reading books
    • Stretching
    • Learning a language
    • Dancing
    • Working out
    • Playing the piano
    • Planning my day

    What does your list look like? Share it! :)
  2. AddyGrow

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    Nice post shared.
  3. DiningChair

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    A great idea this thread!
    A few days ago, I started improving my lifestyle (which includes NoFap) and I wanted to invest the time in something useful an fun.

    A list of what I like:
    • Reading books (history, art, etiquette, biographical)
    • Learning new things (as a result from the above)
    • Listening to music
    • Socialising
    • Visting museums, galeries, cities I have never been to
    • Spend time with my boyfriend
    • Running (once my running-shoes are delivered)

    Things I like to do which I do not allow anymore:
    • Browse internet for ages
    • Browse youtube for ages and watch pointless brain-numbing vlogs, gamers playing and BuzzFeed-videos
    • 9Gag
    • Facebook
    • Other time-consuming digital 'fun'

    I try to achieve this with simply deleting all the apps from my smartphone and I have installed a site-blocker on Chrome which only allows me 1 minute to spend on the blocked sites every day. Works great!
  4. himmelstoss

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    Reading book (usually history)
    MMA (I can usually do 3-4 hours a week)

    Other than that I'm not doing shit

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