How to meditate for mindblowing state

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by jakeclawson, Jan 3, 2015.

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    Tried: Vipassana meditation now a few time 'falling and rising technique' but when i use the meditation pose it really hurts a lot on my knees and can't concentrate on meditation. any advice ?
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    Don't worry about being in any sort of pose. The important thing is that you're comfortable and are able to concentrate on your breath. Find a position that is the most comfortable for you and stick to it.
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    I would really recommend Thanissaro Bhikkhu. Apart from great teachings he also have this soothing tone to helps you calm down.

    His talk can be find here:

    And also on youtube (there's even a bit more of these talks there) if you search for the dhammatalks.
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    Thanks appreciate it!
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    I recently discussed with someone who did a Vipassana meditation camp in India. For 10 days you live in a community, have meditation training but you're not supposed to speak. She told me that after 4 days she started getting "crazy" and that many old memories/trauma came back. But after all of that she said she felt and still feeling great and free from her "old daemons".
    I wonder in the case of pmo if this kind of meditation could help to overcome the trauma that we caused to our brains for so many years.
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    Thank you jakeclawson for posting this.
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    Do you have to do the one hour in one session? or can you split it up throughout the day?
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    Excellent post on Binaural Beats music. I am very happy to read. Thanks for providing great information. An imaginary tone created in the brain when it is presented with two different frequencies at the same time.
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    i follow some different approach.

    for starting meditation,in my mind, i start repeating positive words, like "keep calm","be strong" two word positive phrases. once i feel, my mind is getting heavy, i stop for few sec. while repeating words in mind, i follow by breath.

    another approach.
    while on nofap, while reading others posts, i also keep repeating in my mind word
    "no fapping" or "no masturbation" . it sometimes helps. its doable. it helps to concentrate also. i feel some awareness.
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    Why you're recommending Vippasana to addicts? (addiction = desire - one of the 5 hindrance). You need samatha here mate! 10 minutes of strong concentration practice/samatha is work 10 times more than 10 times of sitting there doing nothing (vippasana). You know it!

    Well, not to give a biased view here, they train different things. If you had to do one only samatha is 10times or more better than vippasana. For a lot of samatha do some vippasana...they train quite different parts of your mind/attention and help each other. If you got the time. Otherwise samatha all the way!!
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    I can recommend the original posters technique. For starters 1 hour is a long time, so just work your way up.

    Also, yes, concentration practice is better for some people who want to strengthen discipline/distraction problems.
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    @jakeclawson Nice I need to try this!! Thanks! I've tried 2 apps and they are good but I want to do it alone without guidance.
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    Samatha and vipassana are not two seperate methods. The Buddha taught only one method. Samatha and vipassana are fruits of that method. They are elements which happen when doing it.
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    even the yoga called kapalbharti helps a lot. it has cooling effect on the brain. it's technique is a on YouTube. just try it
  15. Thanks for the tips friend, although it is an old thread, i'm starting my meditation journey now and what i do is a try to focus on my breathing and saying some motivational words to myself sometimes to put my head in check. My self-steem. I also listen to capm music (for meditation, no vocals) that helps me to focus a bit more. I don't know if what i'm doing is right. But i can't keep more than 30 meditating. I don't know if thats because im kind new to it. But can i so do your process while listening to calm meditative music?
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    Thanks for the motivation, again, I am thinking of restarting my practice of meditating ! Thank you everyone for the small pieces of advice , they all really prove to be helpful.
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    Man that phrase hit me about anxiety from t he past and stress from the future. I've never heard that distinction before and it is 100 percent on target. I've been practicing Tai Chi for about a month and it has made a huge change. I have a awesome sifu with an outstanding pedigree in multiple arts. She wants all of her students to focus on Tai Chi before any other practice. Now I'm beginning to improve at a rapid rate. I never could relax into other forms of martial Arts. I think after Tai Chi that will be possible.

    I have a hard time just sitting and meditating but Tai Chi came very naturally for me and my tension has almost completely melted away.
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    These are dangerous techniques, they should not be advertised on public forums that my opinion. If curious why, please google side effects first. But at least the topic name is accurate, they can blow your mind, literally.
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    I use the Headspace app and its amazing. I highly recommend it.
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    Hi everyone, I use headspace 15 mins when I wake up. In the app there are a lot of small meditation sessions which can be done anytime anywhere. If I want to medidate with no app guidance I use the app insight timer just to have a clock control.
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