How to not O during sex?

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  1. Nick:3

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    I know that tensing my muscles and training pelvic floor muscles help, anyone else got any tips?
  2. kayesem

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    Short of using physical blocking methods on your perineum, which can be awkward with a partner who may be caught up in the moment...

    1 - Frequently pause and distract your thoughts to cool down a bit, will delay O if you just want to last longer. Good opportunity to change positions. If you don't want to O just stop on a pause, once your partner is well and truly satisfied of course.

    2- If you don't mind having the occasional O, you will build up longer endurance capacity over time and greater area to work with before going over the edge towards another O.

    You can O without ejaculating with the blocking method. To accomplish this hands-free is a feat I have never managed, though I imagine if you worked the muscles enough you could get there. Much seed would be spilled trying to practice that though.
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  3. There are multiple medical treatments for premature ejaculation.

    Premature ejaculation is defined as any ejaculation that happens before it is desired. So, for one man it might be after only 10 seconds and for another man it could be a problem if he ejaculates after 30 minutes.

    First line treatments are normally medications with known side effects of causing delayed ejaculation. Surgery can be preformed, but it's not the first step.

    Kegels can help.

    --> L
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  4. Fork2323

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    There are a bunch of tantra books and classes you can take with your partner. It involves deep breathing together and circulating the sexual energy through each other. And you have to be in love with the other person for it to work as the Heart energy has to combine with the sexual energy to transmute it.. they say to set an alarm for 2 hours of sex, as you could go on for hours and hours And not O.. you just get tired.. lol
  5. Vedas_fr

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    People believe that they can orgasm without ejaculating, i don't think this is really possible. Honestly the only way to have sex without ejaculating is to stay at a low level of excitement. If you don't do this you will surely ejaculate one way or the other.
    I believe the only real way to do semen rentention, or i would rather say, to stop leaking semen, is to be chaste in body and mind. Any other option will invariably fail in my opinion, this is just nature, you can't beat nature.
  6. EmmyB

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    Being a guy, you're lucky ;). Just get a cock ring, put it on once you're erect. You're guaranteed not to ejaculate.
  7. kayesem

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    No ways. If you shut off the flow anywhere north of your perineum at the base, it really fucking hurts and you still end up losing it, similar to trying to stop taking a pee once you are already halfway into it. It's terrible.

    You want to turn off the tap at the wall, not just clamp the hose down the line. It takes a truckload of force to shut it off. You have to try and fail painfully a few times to realise just how much it takes to do properly.
  8. I have had couple nocturnal orgasms without ejaculation - a dry wet-dreams if you will. I tried to replicate it consciously during masturbation by using some tantric methods that did not involve retrograde ejaculation and was partly successful. I did gave up on that for now tho due to semen retention period I am on now. But one thing for sure, I know it's possible. I would recommend to look into books by Mantak Chia if you are interested in it.

    As far as putting a cock ring on, using some type of pressure on urethra or flexing perineum muscles, that will just make you ejaculate into bladder. It can actually causes some damage, would not recommend. If you finish too quickly and can't keep it up afterwards better to use cock ring then. It will forcefully keep blood in and not let you lose erection.
  9. EmmyB

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    I don't know the exact details of how to put one on as I don't exactly have the necessary equipment myself. But I had an ex who used one and I can confirm the result was a really solid erection and the ability to go for ages without climaxing. Right now I'm 100% monk (nun?) mode celibate but after a year of detox I want sex again and would ideally like a guy to wear one of these as I don't want him climaxing if I can't.
  10. kayesem

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    I would still be pretty wary of it myself, obviously. I used to just use drugs to similar effect. Not any more though.

    Yep, nun mode. heheh.

    If the guy has next to no self control in bed, then yeh, the ring sounds like not a bad strategy on your part. The alternative sounds like it would be rather frustrating : /
  11. [email protected] counting to one hundred without having a thought. Start low like 0-10 and try not to have a single thought...if you do start again. During sex if you can count to 100 like this ithen you can control the release of jism.
  12. DIYAS1

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    Stop, pull out. Start pleasuring her/him (whoever your partner is) until your arousal settles. Then go again....repeat until you have had enough.

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