How to NOT relapse in "bad days"!?-tips.

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    How to NOT relapse in your bad days?!.
    So are having a bad day and you feel like shit..that might lead to a relapse. We have to be extremely careful in these days and do whatever it takes to not give up. First of all..write down why you are feeling like shit. Most of the time you can come up with possible reasons why you feel that list them down. And now figure out a counter ways to peat those reasons and to feel good again . So maybe you guess that last night you didn't sleep well and that might be one of the reasons why you feel not in the mood go take a nap. Maybe because you stuffed yourself with all that junk food and sugar and go and cleanse yourself by drinking tons of water and doing cardio. You get the idea.
    Secondly. You can just do other pleasurable activities that is known to boost your mood even if it's not perfectly healthy and productive(except pmo ofcourse) such as listening to your favorite songs or eating some chocolate or ice cream or playing video games ..etc. ofcourse these things are not the perfect things to spend your time ..but if you are not in a good mood and you are not going to be productive anyways ..then at least you don't wanna relapse to pmo.. if it's a choice between relapsing to pmo or relapsing to video games or sugar ..then obviously choose the latter .
    The last thing you can do if nothing works for you is to just accept it and to allow yourself to feel like shit. You is not always rosy and good..sometimes it's really a person. Somedays you really feel like a piece of crap and nothing can help's almost like melancholy . It's not depression unless you are in that state for over six months . You are not perfect.. don't be too harsh on yourself..its ok to have a bad day..its ok if you didn't stick to your daily routine for one day because you REALLY don't feel like it. Just allow yourself to feel bad. Cry if you need to. Sit in your bed and do nothing if that's what you really want in that moment. Reflect in your life . For me ..bad days are there for a reason.. to make us take some time alone to reflect on our go grow up.
    Thanks for reading.
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    First thing is to try to stay out of the house as much as u can . If u cant and ur free , thenn sleeeeeeeep , the only thing u can do when depressed Is sleep , and put this though in ur mind , u will wake up and everything will turn side ways . It happened with me once . I was depressed as fuck , the next day was one of the happiest days .

    Depression leads to relapsing , to take it away u need to sleep .
  3. While I agree that most people who are addicted to PMO are using it as an escape from the stressors in their lives and that we should look for alternatives( healthy stressors) to combat these bad feelings. I disagree that other "pleasurable" activities, such as playing video games or eating foods high in fats and sugars, are applicable when rebooting. There are a few main reasons for this. 1. When you're feeling depressed, your body is going to look for that dopamine, whether it be PMO, video games, or junk foods( just to name a few). Using these negative escape behaviors gives the primitive part of your brain control over your willpower. One impulse decision will more easily lead to another. I am speaking from experience on this. 2. Using other escape behaviors will set you up for another addiction. One of the main goals when rebooting is not just abstinence from PMO, but getting your life together. Going from PMO addiction to video game addiction is not going to help you grow as a person.

    Everyone has bad days. But there are plenty of healthy escape behaviors to choose from, such as meditation, cold showers, sleep, eating healthy, etc.
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    It's about properties ..its ok to play video games if that's what will work for you to prevent you from relapsing. Sorry but you don't understand the talking about when you feel like a piece of shit and you don't want to do shit if you know what I can't talk about cold showers or meditation which require willpower when you up have none.
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    why are video games bad?
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  7. When you feel like shit( I'm assuming depression/anxiety?) and you play video games( video games release dopamine and other neurotransmitters because it's a supernormal stimulus) as an escape behavior you're setting yourself up for another addiction and also feeding into your impulsivity. You're brain will look to use video games as a way to cope from the stressors in your life. If you learn to deal with the shit in your life the right way you're brain will stop looking for that dopamine rush whether it be from video games or PMO.

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