How to plan the day? Need help building and sticking to a schedule

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Sakazuki27, Jun 13, 2019.

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    I really need to plan my day, have a schedule that I follow, because I struggle with organization. I feel like shit recently because I have no plan throughout they day. I oversleep, I eat whenever I'm bored, my mind is a mess because of this missing structure. Can you help me organizing my day? I don't know if I'm flatlining or not but I feel depressed, tired, anxious and on edge all the time. Trouble socializing. Confused af. I don't want to do too much at once but I need a structure so please help me with planning without burning out.

    So here's a list of things I want to schedule, listed by priority:

    Necessary (Highest priority):

    - Eat 3-4 times (when?)
    - Pray 5 times (fixed times)
    - Sleep (how long?)

    - Cook at least once in 3 days
    - Buy groceries
    - Socialize at least every second day (anxiety)
    - Study enough for upcoming exams

    Things I want to implement in my schedule
    - Read some Quran
    - Socialize more (socializing is a pain for me right now, anxious af)
    - Exercise
    - Read books
    - Morning/night routine
    - Go for a walk
    - Time to clean up room
    - Organize what needs to be organized (paper stuff, bills, mails etc...)

    That is all that is in my mind right now. I already do most of these things but I have no structure at all. Maybe that's why I feel so confused lately. I can't stick to a thing without thinking about something else. Should I schedule all at once? Or start slowly? How important is a daily schedule to you guys?

    How do I stick to the schedule? I struggle sticking to my own plans often.
  2. I create a notes section in my phone and write down all the things i need to do FOR THE DAY, not the week. And i complete them in relative order.

    -1st class
    -Hist essay
    Etc etc etc, more specifc the better
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    I do pretty much the same, I find it better than having fixed hours for absolutely everything which usually are not followed.
    We are humans not machines. As long as you do what you planned for the day and you are consistent with this you will be fine, even if you are not using time 100% efficiently, 70-80% is just as good and a lot less stressing.
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