How to prevent my younger sibling from PMO.

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Should I let my Younger sibling deal with PMO by himself whenever he discovers it?

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  1. Hello Everyone.

    I have been doing NoFap for 2 months and I feel really great. I have a younger sibling(Who doesn't know about [email protected]#n and I believe he doesn't do MO.) who is going to hit puberty soon.
    I remember discovering PMO when I was 14ish and the battle to counter it was terribly hard and I don't wish my younger sibling to go through all this.

    Till now I have made sure a online filter by OpenDNS protects everyone in my home from [email protected]#n and social media, and I have made other arrangements to other devices to avoid anyone from searching [email protected]#n based content.

    I might be graduating from high school the next year and would be attending Colleges probably away from my current place, therefore I would like to keep my younger sibling away from [email protected]#n at all costs.

    Some info about my sibling:
    a)My sibling plays some shooter games on mobile devices, I even encourage not to play such games which has led to him playing it on weekends for a specific time.
    b) He sometimes doesn't realize what is good for him, and he is somehow street smarter than me.
    c)He has a few friends who are addicted to gaming and I am glad that my sibling is not addicted.
    d)My parents play a good role in keeping him away from negative things. (Sadly I discovered PMO without them probably knowing about it.)


    Here are my Questions (Pls answer them in an order if possible, a detailed answer would be appreciated.):

    Q1) Should I let him deal with PMO by himself incase he discovers it?
    Q2) Do you think blocking the sites are enough (Blocking is only present on Wi-Fi not mobile data).
    Q3) Is keeping my sibling away from social media a good move?
    Q4) What else can I do, to stop him from discovering PMO?

    Thank you.
    Any additional answer about this topic would also be greatly accepted.
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  2. Diderik

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    He will deal with his learning about pornography on his own whether you like it or not. You can talk to him about it and educate him on it. You can be involved in his experience of what it is, so that he does not have the urge to check it out in order to find out.

    I wish I had an older sibling who had talked to me about sexuality when I was a preteen, in a healthy way that was not demeaning to women or sleazy. Instead, I got crude jokes and otherwise the subject was ignored. I explored sex on my own, including pornography, with a 'friend' who was an extremely bad influence.

    Teach your sibling how insidious pornography is. You do not need to confess to him that you have watched it in order to communicate your feelings and knowledge about it.

    I do not see a reason to keep your sibling away from social media, and he may react by doing more of it when he gets the chance if you restrict him too much now. That is what I think. Nonetheless, he is young, so he should not get too deep into it yet, I think. I never had a kid of my own, but my stepson is turning 17, and he is not deeply involved in social media. It is not that important to him, although connections with online friends is. He is on discord (not recommended for little kids of course), YouTube, and other places he can associate with many people in his age range-- but again, he is 17, not a preteen. I do not know how much social media a preteen really needs.

    These are just my thoughts. I hope they help a little bit.

  3. Earendil the Mariner

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    Inasmuch as pornography is an addiction, we can apply the famous 12-Step program to it, one of the last of which is helping others to deal with or avoid the addiction. Not only is this good for those people to have your warning, it is also good for you and helps keep you clean. If you are ready to have the conversation with your sibling, I'd recommend it. It could bring you closer together, and you would both have somebody with whom to share your battles.
  4. Boyish 123

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    Imo it is better to teach him on how to handle the urges bcz unfortunately no one is going to teach him that even school or try to encourage him in other healthy activities such as sports.
  5. InappropriateUsername

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    He’ll find P, M and I eventually. Best thing you can do is guide him, teaching him the dangers when unchecked.

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