How to prove your a good person to someone who thinks your bad?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by SayYesToRecovery, Apr 9, 2019.

  1. SayYesToRecovery

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    So lately, I’ve been getting alot of people who hate me who spread a bad reputation around me, Even some people spread a bad reputation about me in a whole goddamn school, The bad reputation is mostly around girls but with boys my reputation is fine and they all know how good i am, But i want to get to know some girls who i’m pretty sure think i’m a bad person because of my ruined reputation, Does anyone have a solution of how to prove that i’m good?

    The bad things spread about me are like:
    • Fuckboy
    • I force girls to send nudes
    • I talk to girls for lust not love or friendship
    The sad thing here is that none of these are true, But i’m pretty sure a girl who thinks that i’m these things up here would avoid me, So how would i be able to prove to a girl who thinks like this that i’m a good person and these are all rumors?

    Really need help with this one.
  2. 007malone

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    Yo bro! Show the ladies otherwise! Easy as that. All you need is one girls digits, and act like a friend! Become that shoulder to cry on. Now pick a girl who has a big mouth and will tell all her hot friends that you are a gentleman that’s very attentive and sweet, they’ll all begin to notice you
  3. SayYesToRecovery

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    Thanks for the advice bro, I’ll make sure i’ll get working on it!
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  4. N1[] @|_

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    I hear ya bro

    The 1st step is just be yourself
    You do not want to go and act special in only in front of them
    Just go ahead and try to be friends with them genuinely.
    These girls, as long as they aren't bad people, becoming their friend will do you no harm

    I too once had that sort of a situation but I already had good friends among the girls to speed up clearing that image. I became friends with those that had a wrong idea and now we're all good.

    If possible, try to identify how they even came up with that idea about you. Mine was through my friends pointing out hidden dirty jokes in some lines i said in front of some of them

    Lastly, don't give too much effort to fix it man.
    As long as you are true to yourself and there's no truth in the rumors about you , you've got to worry about
    Just try to fix it but dont try too hard or get desperate

    Anyway good luck
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  5. bfdet

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    Hi 'Yes !

    This may sound a bit strange, but sometimes when we work hard to undo people's wrong perceptions of us, it only seems to reinforce their beliefs that their perceptions are correct. So, how do you counteract this ? One way is as the above posts suggest: don't try too hard - just be yourself. Be honest, both with yourself and with everybody else. Above all, a reputation for honesty and integrity are invaluable so really don't do things that may people think you may be less than 100% honest and true. Take small steps to engage with folks; simply saying "hi" is a simple but potentially effective start.

    All the best,

    One day at a time is how we all succeed.
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  6. SayYesToRecovery

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    Thanks for the advice too, I also know how it feels to have a bad reputation but yours seems to be really fucked up if it was just because of jokes.
    I’ll make sure to follow all your words and both of you guys advices, Thanks.
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  7. Infrasapiens

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    I have never had any kind of reputation but if you work to hard to fix it, people will think the rumors are true.

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