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    Now that I have your attention let me qualify myself. I am not a psychologist or Dr. and don't have any credentials of any kind from anywhere. So why continue reading? Well I have discovered that I have the absolute power to become anyone I want. What I believe is that so do you.
    For a very long time the trade off of feeling like a bad person equaled out with the rush I got from the whole "porn thing". When the selfish demands of my sex life bothered me I would justify - which rhymes with lie.
    I became a beaten loser masturbation freak and I lived with that idea of myself way too long. NO MORE!
    I am absolutely 100% sure that once I take 1 step to change to a higher level of consciousness the Universe follows in lockstep to help me continue.
    All I can suggest is give yourself the chance you deserve.
    Never give up on yourself! Always stay as grateful for what we have as you can. It Works!
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