How to quit caffeine?

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  1. I have hard time to not drink it…

    I drink it at a friend's place and on the job to have at least some energy to get stuff done.

    I also feel that my libido and sexual thoughts are worse, and also I sleep a lot worse.

    I am hopelessly hooked to the stuff...
  2. Atticus

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    Drinking the productivity juice is a bad habit of mine as well. Have you ever tried going cold turkey? That worked for me until work started up again.
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  3. BugsBunny555

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    Productivity Juice keeps me motivated and angry. Very crucial for me.

    Unless you get enough sleep and are not drinking 2+ cups a day, you shouldn't quit.
  4. ye but at work and with a friend is so easily to get caffeine for free hard to resist it.
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  5. Atticus

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    Know that feel.

    Maybe starting with decaf could help? Though I doubt they serve that at the workplace.
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  6. WalktheLine

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    Chai tea by Twinnings is a good alternative especially with milk and sugar....hehe I have no idea how you take yours....but I like it so much that the coffee has to be really good now...
    So I drink tea 3 days a week, and coffee 4 days....and I think I feel better and have same concentration productivity....
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  7. I use to drink a lot of energy drinks and coffee during work, I stopped by cold turkeying that shit and just eating food and drinking water (or juice) during breaks instead. Try to rely on complex carbs for energy (or fat if you're on the keto diet) like bread, pasta, vegetables, rice, etc.
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  8. Sean Edie

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    Replace it with Green Tea. It has caffeine in it so you might not have the usual caffeine withdrawal. If you don't like Green Tea try something else with low levels of caffeine
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  9. Garou99

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    After my nose bleed intensively for 1 hour in May 2017 I stopped drinking coffee for 1 year and 6 months. I just stopped drinking it because the doctor told me that.

    Try to go to the bed much early to get more hours of sleep until your body gets used to it. It will be hard in the beginning, like with porn :), but after 1/1.5 months you will get used to it. Now I drink coffee rarely. Maybe 2-3 cups per week. In some weeks I don't even drink.
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  10. Its been 12 days for me now. Have not been sleeping the best some of those days, yet i find that after the first few days abstaining my energy levels are just the same as they were when i was on it. To be fair i had a mild consistent headache the first 2 days without caffeine.
    I still have cravings, mostly for the taste, i like black coffee and monster energy drinks
  11. its like a line that goes up when you drink caffeine and goes down afther it.

    Not drinking it makes that line go in a striaght line.
  12. In a way this is a simple one. You can use accountability and tracking and also people have suggested a replacement, so you'd be both taking away something and adding something, both a positive and a negative. You could also add more than one positive, in addition to replacing caffeine do something else like a little exercise to keep your energy up.
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  13. A little caffeine is fine. You are just taking in too much of the stuff, obviously. It definitely has benefits but it also can contribute to one's inability to sleep. If you are taking it with sugar that's also contributing to health issues.
    I'd do a little reading about the pros and cons of caffeine before doing anything. Then, make small but simple changes. I used to like having coffee at work, but switched to ice cold water or decaf tea, which I found made my whole body feel more relaxed.

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