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How to Quit ?

Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by Batman_Rising, May 27, 2016.

  1. Batman_Rising

    Batman_Rising Fapstronaut

    People, please help me !!! I don't know what's going on with me ?

    I literally want to quit PMO, but I jerk off to porn every other day with a thought in mind that I will start Nofap from the 1st day of next month. This is I guess 4th or 5th time, but I am not crushing this resolution.

    Jerk off to porn became the habit which I want to quit. I want to improve myself. I am not underestimating other people, but I have seen that the people whom I know, who were less talented than me, now winning in their life, and I am not. I am complaining for everything. There's no schedule in life, just like an ass, I woke up at noon, go to university, come back to home, internet, mobile, social networking sites. In short, I am just wasting my time in these non-productive things.

    I am feeling like, I am nothing compared to other people of my class/field.

    What should i do ?

    5-6 years before, I wanted to become an entrepreneur, I wanted to have my own product/company.

    And now, at this stage, I have no idea what is going on with the life ? Seriously.

    please please, what should I do ?

    I stay awake till 3-4 am , woke up late at 12. feel like i'm sick, no energy. lazy ass. no meaning of life. aimless life.

    How can I uplift myself.

    please guide me.
  2. Unplug thyself from the matrix, Neo. Literally.

    Social media and porn. It's having a drastic impact on young lives. And it's not a good one.

  3. Exonyte

    Exonyte Fapstronaut

    What works for me is, every time I reset my counter, I get angry with myself. Maybe others won't agree with this and might say "oh you should let it go and try again, don't be hard on yourself, it's okay", but I think that's basically letting yourself off easy. I used to do that, and that's why I relapsed every week for 2 months straight, because I'd always think "oh it's fine I'll just try again starting tomorrow"

    After my last reset, I was upset the entire day, but that fueled me and burned a fire inside me to never give up again, and reach my 90 day goal. And I'm going strong as f**k and nothing will stop me from reaching 90 days, because my desire is too strong this time to lose this addiction

    Do you have PIED? I do (to a relatively small extent), and it's one of my main reasons for quitting P.

    Write down the negative effects of PMO (there are many), and how it's ruining your life. Write down the positive things that will happen to you after quitting PMO (believe me, there are many). Start reading the book "Your brain on porn", it's freely available online as a PDF. Read 10 pages a day even if you're really lazy, or more.

    We live life once brother, sit down quietly for 5 minutes, and reflect upon this issue calmly, then decide once and for all that you're done with this. Go one day without PMO. You won't die. Then go another day, then another, then reach a week, and then keep going.

    Good luck man, you can do it if you tell yourself you can. Get a PMO counter, and I truly hope I see your streak build from here on out! Let's win this battle brother
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  4. TheRunner87

    TheRunner87 Fapstronaut

    Bro what you are going through is the basis stone to step up and awake. As I can see from your words, you are in depth of pain and here where the solution lies, PAIN.

    Most of the people in this forum has gone through some sort of pain which made them decide to quit (mine was breaking up with my fiancée). Now linking pain with porn is key start for every reboot.

    I would list below the practical steps I took which made me progress

    1. Reading the book "your brain on porn" for Gary wilson.

    2. Replace the PMO habit with a productive habit which you really love (for me it was reading)

    3. Avoid all the triggers (being alone for example)

    4. Physical activity and work out

    5. Socialize (meet up application is great)

    6. Set up for yourself a big target and train for it (marathon, trekking to high altitude mountains, etc)

    7. Adjusting sleeping habit is very essential to help avoid watching P in the late night.

    Finally, it is all about willpower and I believe you have it, you just need to form the strategy and start kicking the addiction.

    Good luck buddy. We all here are with you. We are stronger together.
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