How to radiate positive energy? How to have a positive aura?


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    I am struggling with depression for like four years now and am currently in therapy since six months.
    I discovered meditation around the same time and started to practice it - especially, since my therapist recommended it to me so that I could ease my depression.
    As you may now, it has sooo many benefits including becoming a beautiful spirit and radiate positive energy which I'm DESPERATE of. I don't want to have the aura of a sad, depressed soul anymore.

    I was not very consistent with practicing meditation though (due to being on the go or sleeping in in the morning and what not) so decided I quit it completely because otherwise it would feel like a chore that was in the back of my head and that I wouldn't end up doing anyway and actually, you would have do it CONSISTENTLY do see results(maybe that - the needed consistency - is what's freaking me out?)

    At the moment, I'm writing. Morning pages to be exact. This helps me to declutter my brain and solve problems that bother me actively rather than "just sitting around", if you know what I mean. Also, it improves my writing skills and creativity which is useful for me as an aspiring singer-songwriter.

    But now that I stopped meditation, stopped cultivating my spirit I feel like I'm not taking proper care of my spirit and that it's disappearing and that I am more of a sad, depressed soul than I already am.

    What can I do to cultivate my spirituality to have more of this positive energy instead of meditation? It seems to stresses me out more than helping me (even though there is a part of me that still wants to continue it - especially due to the powers of NoFap.......but I also want to keep writing and I'm worried of starting to many habits without actually living and ugh idk)

    I'm sorry for this long text.
    Thank you in advance for taking your time to read this and all. x

    hopeful greetings
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    Quit PMO forever.

    It destroys positivity and light.

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