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    :emoji_v:So yeah yesterday I got to 90 days and I gotta say it is fuckin lit to be here, I mean I kinda was lazy today but overall is feels really great. My confidence is off the charts and my motivation is sky high. I can glide past thumbnails(on youtube) without fearing triggers. So just wanted to put some tips for my fellow fapstronauts so y'all can get here too. Basically I will tell you what I did, And what you can too to increase your chances at beating this horrible affliction.:emoji_v:

    ⭐DAYS 1-30: So I call this period "Trust Bust" because it all depends on how much you trust yourself and how much willing you are to give this up. I locked my phone using an applock and gave the password to my mom. Seems kinda extreme but I knew I couldn't be trusted to block myself once I was triggered and it worked really well. Also I stopped listening to Inappropriate rap songs, suggestive videos, etc. That turned the tables even more into my favour as I wasn't thinking about the stuff I was trying to avoid everytime I was chilling. Also you should know the tines when you're most vulnerable, when your willpower dips during the day. My zone was early evening and I chose to stay away from all tech during that period. I would read, take a nap, go for a walk or just study.

    ⭐Days 31-60: During this period, things start getting a little easier as compared to 1st phase and you will more likely be able to stay away from suggestive and be aware of your thoughts. I suggest you take up meditation or workout from the 20 day mark till the 70th day. It will increase your focus and willpowerand will keep you on the right track. Also meditation helped me become a little bit more calmer and reduced my anxiety( You might feel really anxious during the 90day reboot, don't worry though it's just your brain throwing tantrums). Also during this stage you should take up new habits as the goal is to replace PMO with something positive. You will feel more confident and a little bit egoist too. So you should really work on that too. Also you will be able to work better and be more productive.

    ⭐Days 61-90: Ok so things will seem like a breeze(almost) at this stage but trouble creeps at around day 75, you willbe getting mad boners, you will be full of libido and the sex drive is crazy high. Like this is where your good habits will help you pass the test of your mind. Once you are able to control yourself to not think about thos triggers, not to focus on those thoughts. You will be even more motivated because you will realize that you can now literally control your primal urges and succesfully be inchare of your mind.

    :emoji_muscle:My recommends:
    :emoji_key:Cold shower everyday (for the full 90 days) : It will give you lots of energy and keep fatigue at bay.
    :emoji_key:Sleep atleast 6 hours : I know some of you out there bragging about sleeping less than 4 hours or pulling all-nighters, DO NOT FUCKING DO THAT.... Sleeping less will increase fatigue and lethargy and exponentially decrease self control and focus. Sleep 6-7 hours, sleeping more will also have the same effect.
    :emoji_key:Meditate/Workout: Will motivate you, increase productivity, and improve your self body image which is a big boost to your morale. Choose any or do both if you can manage, it'll be even better.
    :emoji_key:Read some good books: Okay so gaining knowledge about this stuff is crucial and you should know what to do and what to be aware of while you're on this journey.
    :emoji_key:Motivate yourself : This is self explanatory.
    :emoji_key:Hydrate Yourself : Ok basically drinking water early in the morning wakes you up, and removes that general tiredness, and also staying hydrated will genrally prevent cramps and reduce the chance of you getting sick.
    :emoji_key2:If you can, Read this book called "As A Man Thinketh" by James Allen. It is an absolute gold-mine of a book about how to live a good life with pure thoughts, basically how to live like a respectful MAN.

    :emoji_x:Some common pitfalls:
    :emoji_red_circle:Wet dreams: Ok when I got one I was literally panicked, I didn't wanna reset or start again so I searched this beautiful quote: "Hands on your cock, reset the clock. Nocturnal emission, continue the mission."
    :emoji_white_check_mark:Pro tip: Don't drink water just before goin to bed and if you feel like peeing even a little bit, do it, it'll reduce the chance of having wet dreams.

    :emoji_red_circle:Flatline: Ok this is might land me in hot water but I belive flatline is a myth that some people here on nofap prepetuate it, I think it's just in your mind dude, stop thinking that way and everything will get better.
    :emoji_arrow_right:Watch these videos if you feel like you're in one:
    :emoji_diamonds: :emoji_diamonds:

    :emoji_yin_yang:Some resources for y'all to get cracking:
    :emoji_heavy_check_mark: ⬆This guy (Matt) is a legend like I relapsed once and I found him and now I am here. He'll give you the most genuine advice on how to beat PMO and to get rid of P in your life.
    :emoji_heavy_check_mark:Download Counters like:

    :emoji_balloon:That's enough for now, If you got anymore questions, drop em in the comments below and Upvote so everyone can see this, Share this to all your buddies who you know should quit PMO.
    :emoji_muscle:Stay strong, Ciao
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    Thanx for sharing this man
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  3. Thanks for sharing. I am in the day 30-60 zone now and I am feeling my anxiety levels rising. It is almost as if I am asking myself, "now that I can stay away with PM, what am I going to do?" I need to replace it with something wholesome and productive.
  4. Thnxx Broo 4 super tipss
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    Great inspirational post! Congratulations! My flatline is brutal. I mean, I feel way unmotivated and tired. I realize it will pass.
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  6. Brilliant post. Really needed this since I relapsed yesterday lol.
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    Awesome job! I am excited to be in your club!!
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    Thanks so much for the applications bro ! It will really help me ! I will test the second one right now
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    Thank you for sharing your story, it was truly insightful !
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    It will dude , give power to things you want in life, move away from the stuff you don't want!!!
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    Boi i just forgot about numbers .... I am happy am free of this, the number is just an added feather in my cap

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