How to recall/use draft?

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    Sorry if this is covered elsewhere, I did look. As I'm typing a response in a thread, occassionally a draft is automatically saved. When I leave my browser to answer a text, etc and return, my post is gone. How can I access the saved draft?
    Running Android 8.1.0.

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  2. Yeah is there a area where drafts are saved if we leave?
  3. Just tried it. Wrote a message, waited for the draft to save then cleared local data and restarted the browser, logged back in and the draft was still there.
    Perhaps you didn't wait long enough for the draft to save? The server takes some time to do it.
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  4. Yeah, that's probably it. I think you can manually save it too if you hit the floppy disk save icon right?
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    Yes, I just tried that and it works. :cool:

    For those too young to know what a floppy dik looks like, it is the third icon from the right in your message box.

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