How to reduce myopia (nearsightedness)?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Arbiter, Jan 27, 2019.

  1. Arbiter

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    Hi, Ive had myopia (nearsightedness) since elementary school, somewhere around fifth or sixth grade.

    I am 18 years old now, and have -5.25 diopters in my left eye, and -4.25 diopters in my right eye, with some cylinder in my right eye.

    I like the way my glasses look, but the nearsightedness interferes with my sportive lifestyle and such.

    I do have contacts that I put in when I have to go to an important event, but I do not wear them every day.

    Ive tried various methods that Ive read about on the internet and in articls, such as reducing the prescription by a little bit, going out to look at the distance, and reading without glasses (print pushing). I do spend a lot of time outside and in the sun, currently I wear a -5.00 and -4.00 prescription with no cylinder (left and right respectively) for quite a while now, its been like a year or two years? I dont really see much of a change.

    Does anyone have any experience with this? Id really appreciate some help on this topic.
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    I'm also interested in healing my sight, I've been trying excercices from youtube, articles and books. Hopefully I'll improve. Bu
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    I don’t think it’s reversible unless you have an eye surgery.
  4. bobross

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    If you don't stress your eyes (too much computer/reading without breaks) and wear your glasses, the muscles controlling your <not sure how the lens like part of the eye is called in English> will attempt to compensate over time. But there are no real exercisesnto fix this, it's all bullshit. There are other afflictions that can and are treated through certain exercises , but not myopia. But trying these without professional guidance, you risk weakening those muscles and make things worse
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  5. nukan

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    L `-5.25`
    R `-4.25`

    that's your prescription right now?
    back then in 2017 you wrote the same
    funny enough it also was in Janury

    If it stayed the same, then that's actually a good thing, it means it has stabilizied, now you can go on from there.
    i think however you are better off in the forum of (reduced lens method), if you haven't been aware of it.
    you can enter the forum via this link:

    You mentioned the bates method and found it useless, can you tell me about your experience exactly and which exercises you did?

    apart from that, vision problems may not always come from spending too much time on close up work, there also could be emotional root causes. hell, even the problem you have with relationships, could be connected to it.
    Can you actually remember the time when you first needed glasses. What happened around the time, when you noticed your vision got worse?

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