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    Hello Gentlemen,

    Disclaimer: everything between the stars is sarcastic. This post must not be followed literally, the goal is to beat the cycle of madness (RELAPSES) and live free.


    This is a comprehensive list to help you guys relapse quickly and definitely in your attempt to beat the enslavement trap. I separated the list into do’s and don’ts.

    Things you must do to relapse often and remain a slave to life.

    1- Number 1 is my favourite: Eat as much sugar as possible, now junk will certainly help you relapse but more specifically sugar, processed sugar (not coming from fruits or vegies). I am talking about Ice cream, candies, chocolate bars, pastries, most processed food and so on you get the idea. This type of sugar has the tendency to inflame the brain and activate those same parts of the parts of the brain that create urges which lead inevitably to relapses. Try to increase your intake of sugar as much as possible especially at night, which is also the time when your brain is a bit tired. This is the best combination to catch the sober man off-guard.
    Your brain inflammation feeds off glucose that come from processed food which is characterised by a very high GI which will hit your brain inflammation almost instantly ensuring a quick relapse.

    2- Waste as much time as you can doing nothing or unproductive things, keep your life idle and without substance. Idleness is key!! Use excuses as to why your life is boring and why you can’t do things that you want. Excuses like; if only I had enough money, I would be more productive and busier. Or, this city is boring and there isn’t much to do anyway, use more imagination in your excuses there are plenty … Don’t plan your days or weeks ahead of time. Live each day for the sake of that day and maintain as much chaos as possible in your life. Any order in your life may lead to freedom or success, so avoid that at all cost. Sleep late and wake up late. Ensure your room is always a mess and don’t clean the house or help out, be a total useless person around your house and family. Chaos in one’s life is where slavery is at guys keep it up.

    3- If you keep relapsing just give up and tell yourself that it can’t be done. Don’t persevere and more importantly beat yourself down after each relapse notwithstanding your achievement of 3 week or 30, 60, 100 days … don’t look at it as an achievement that 90% of men never achieved in their entire life. Look at it as just another relapse and instead of gaining confidence because you are making progress, destroy your confidence while whining about the relapse and how you are back to 0 days again. As stated in the following list you mustn’t have a real-life goal, have the number of days as your goal. In short be stupid about relapses!!!!

    4- Don’t date beautiful women instead stay with ugly women without substance or spark. Those that are a total failure and are sure to keep you down. Same goes with friends, spend time with those that are like you or worse off. This will keep you regressing in life, there is only one way to go in your life and it has a down arrow.

    5- Stay indoors at all times or most of the time. Keep, going out at a minimum. by doing so you are avoiding clean oxygen, sunshine and the opportunity to connect and socialise with individuals while enjoying what life has for you. While indoors block the sun with a curtain or blinds and watch Netflix in broad daylight or play video games.

    Things you mustn’t do to relapse often and remain a slave to life.

    1- Don’t have a purpose in life and don’t work towards that purpose through some form of smaller achievable, measurable and time bounded goals. Instead of having some real life goals turned into achievable weekly and monthly goals, try to have some meaningless goal like staying sober for 90 days without achieving anything else other than the sobriety which is not only not really achievable without a life goal in most cases but is sure to have the individual relapse shortly thereafter given the lack of purpose in their life. Fight the symptoms, don’t fight the underlying cause. And if you have a life goal and can’t do without, make sure that progress is hardly measurable and that the life goal is too big to even start today. You can have goals but not achievable; measurable ones. Keep away from goals you can start working on today while progressing each week. Weekly progress in life is the enemy of relapses so Don’t do it. Have unspecific goals instead, goals that you don’t even know how to start. Example of undefined goals both in time and space are: I will be the next bill gates, Or I will conquer the whole world or I will be the king or queen of this country … you get the Idea. Only have goals that are too farfetched for you at that moment and where progress cannot be measured on a weekly/daily basis. This type of vague goals will help you procrastinate which is the whole idea of the lists I am drawing. Alternatively, you can do away with long term goals altogether. Live a purposeless life with short term profit and long-term debt, embrace the cycle of slavery.

    2- Don’t exercise! Don’t exercise! Don’t exercise! The reason why this is so important is due to the fact that intense and serious exercise increase the blood circulation and the intake of oxygen to the brain; which is vital to a healthy functioning brain (and body). Increased intake of oxygen has been known to drive away depression, increase confidence and the ability to focus. So, avoid that and prevent your brain from oxygen by staying idle and by eating unhealthy and processed food (number 1 of the Do’s list). This will keep your brain inflammation at a maximum with a dangerously low amount of oxygen reaching the brain which will hinder your ability to think, focus or achieve anything at all. The other dangers that exercise is known for is filling your time with something beneficial to you. As mentioned in the number 2 of the Do’s list, this may lead to adding substance to your life. Something we must avoid to ensure relapses will keep taking place. Also, I want to warn some of you who exercise a lot and every day, doing so may lead you to braking rule 1 of the don’ts list. In fact, filling your day with something as beneficial as exercise can lead you to finding your life goals. This is again due to the increases Oxygen and blood circulation which reduces inflammation in the brain. Without inflammation in the brain no relapse may take place. Therefor exercise must be avoided or kept to a minimum. There are other benefits to exercise but I am not going to expand on this subject any further, you get the Idea…Don’t exercise!


    disclaimer: Everything in-between the stars are not to be taken as is, the main goal is to avoid relapse and live a free and fulfilling life. So, the Do’s must be Don’ts and the Don’ts must be do’s. I know this is obvious for most of you but reading some posts in this forum I am not sure if this will click with everyone hence this disclaimer.

    I hope this helps.
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    Very good... hope everyone gets it!

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