How to remove obsession of having a partner?

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  1. well. I'd suggest going out and dating a few women. Nothing serious just a casual thing. You want to develop yourself socially to the point where you have an abundance mentality in regards to dating. You might also want to develop yourself by looking into different hobbies and interests, perhaps things that are more outgoing and allow you to socialise with other people.
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    This is good! The aim here is to try to step outside your comfort zone right?
    Go in a public place, a shopping center or something, and start a conversation with somebody you never met and you probably won't meet again. Speak to a girl, try to have a conversation
    For me that helped a lot!
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    Thank you for this answer, I appreciate the fact it's coming from someone who solved the problem and is giving advice, not just his theory.
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    You are who you've been looking for

    Continue to work on yourself and become the best version of yourself that you know you can be.
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  5. Your never going to stop thinking about having a partner. Your body wants to reproduce and spread it’s offspring to the person your attracted to (based on your sexuality). It’s a fantasy to think you can turn off your sex drive whenever you want.

    You either get so busy with work that you try to forget about finding a partner or you have multiple hobbies to pursue to fill up your free time.
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    What you are trying to do is to use a girl to cover your fear.

    Well.. im kinda simular yet i dont want to spend time with ppl. I dont crave to get friends. I just do my own shit.
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