How to repair our dopamine receptors?

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    I surely will make a thread about this my friend very soon. I'm just waiting to get healed completely first. I don't want to share something that I haven't finished it yet! I wanna be sure first. However, I think Persian (Iranian) medicine is the most complete and best traditional medicine compared to other traditional medicines like Chinese and Indian which I have some information about them as well. If you were interested on knowing about it and have some basic information you can read on Wikipedia:
    Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Hot flashes, Insomnia, Irregular heartbeat, shortness of breath, adrenal fatigue... I had all of these symptoms. But I'm getting recovered now. Forget about anti-depressant and anti-anxiety drugs. They don't work for anybody!
  2. They can heal. Lab rats that were given cocain and were then forced into withdrawal had a 80%-100% recovery success rate (after a certain number of months).
    That said I think it's important to completely abstain for 1-2 years in case of severe receptor downregulation. Withdrawal seems to be some sort of cycle, and relapsing can act as a type of nervous shock, interrupting and or restarting it.

    Herbs can be great if you know how to use them, although I don't think are for everyone. Some are just way too stimulating. Your body will tell really. It's possible that an adaptogen such as Ashwagandha works for you on day 1 but has the opposite effect a week later. Balance and correct dosage are absolutely crucial. Never underestimate herbs. They're often really powerful.

    Probiotics are another really interesting natural route worthy of exploration. Healthy gut microbiome produces about 90% of human serotonin.
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    Great points!

    I think that a good probiotic supplement is neccessary for a healthy gut.
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    never heard about them with that seriousness, are you persian ?
  5. Yes , I agree. If you look at adrenal fatigue, the damage and the routes for recovery are the same, and they say that heavy cardio should be avoided, and that walking and yoga are the best for recovery. I think any stress on the mind and body is not so good for us
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  6. Have you tried Low Dose Naltrexone yourself, I’ve heard it not only creates more endorphins but also helps create more dopamine receptors in ex gamblers/drug addicts etc
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    I have started working out a lot more and have a lot more energy, would you recommend taking supplements I’m taking 5htp at the moment just started like a couple of days ago don’t really see any benefits at the moment, would you recommend taking tyrosine?
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    excercise and eating healthy
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    be bored for 6 months and you will see how your dopamine receptors will adjust super quickly. You won't adjust dopamine receptors faster with neverending novelty around.
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  10. I’ve been reading about low dose Naltrexone for making more dopamine receptors.
    In higher doses, they used to give alchoholics and heroin addicts Naltrexone to block the feel good chemicals, but wasn’t really successful, because you feel,like shit. Lately alchoholics have been taking small,doses everyday to relearn unattached this to alchohol......but what they also discovered was the alchoholics who had low dopamine and endorphins reported a lifting of mood....
    Now they give Low Dose Naltrexone LDN, for clinically depressed people with low dopamine receptors etc.
    They administer at a dose of about 1-4mg at night before sleep over a few months
    It then tricks the brain into thinking it doesn’t have enough/any dopamine and kicks starts it into creating new dopamine receptors.
    I’m away at the moment, back home soon. I’m defo gonna try it, so I’ll keep people posted on the progress
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    Solution: Live as a puritan.
  12. What dose are you taking?
    I think the therapeutic dose is very low
    Like a 10th of a tab
  13. Sorry for the late reply by the way, I missed the notification for this, I just found you post through browsing
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    All the things you are mentioning really help. There is really no easy way to reboot. Your first reboot is really more of a purge.
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    I think listening to music all day and binge watching movies/series is also damaging to dopamine levels.
  16. I am going to give low dose naltrexone a try again. I used it in the past together with levo-tetrahydropalmatine but it did not seem t do a lot. I had full blown acute withdrawal phase during that time and now I'm going through a much smoother PAWS period. I went from having over 50 (physical and mental) severe symptoms to starting to only having 10 "minor" symptoms. (maybe even less than 10). Insomnia some nights is an issue, mild social anxiety, a bit of depression now but it's mostly just ANHEDONIA (NO MOTIVATION TO DO SHIT) My energy levels are pretty good. Thank God
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    So how'd that LDN treatment go for you?
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    I know I'm very late to this thread (2years late) but @SLeepisLost, if you are still on this forum can you please tell me about receptors because I'm feeling paranoia for no reason. Like I don't know what to think. I don't feel like I'm in the right mind.

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