How to Say No?

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  1. So, I've got my first date in over two and a half years tomorrow (and this is really my first ever "get to know you" kind of date - my one relationship went straight from friendship to relationship without intermediate steps). If things go well, it'll be pretty easy for me to say "hey, that was cool, we should spend more time together." However, if things don't go great, but she wants to go on a second date, what's a polite way of saying no? I'm a person who has a hard time saying no in general, so I'd like to be somewhat prepared for this possibility going in. Thanks!
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  2. “I had a really good time but I don’t feel a strong connection. I don’t want to waste your time, because I’m sure there is someone out there begging to be with you.”
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    Instead of asking what to say you should how should ask how do i look at this. If you dont like her then youre not being nice by going out with her again. Youre hurting you and her since youre wasting your time and hers thats not being nice thats harming you and her. Be a man be honest but polite, remain detached but compassionate
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    You press the tip of your tongue against the roof of your mouth as you move your lips forward. After that you move your tongue down as you make a deep sound with your throat. The sound "No" should come out.
  5. Thanks for the replies, all! Fortunately, the date went well and I didn't need the advice. :)
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