How to Secure an iPhone with IOS 14?

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    Hello everyone,

    Created this new account to ask the above question.

    Simply put, Apple have gone and utterly ruined ScreenTime. You used to be able to type in a code, forget it and then only be able to remove the restrictions you set with a full factory reset of the iPhone. No easy/quick workarounds that a child could figure out.

    Now? Oh it is pathetic. You can go into ScreenTime, tap 'Change Screen Time Passcode', then tap 'Forgot Passcode?', and next go to 'Forgot Apple ID or Password?', and then type in your Apple ID. When you do that, you are asked to put in your telephone number. It sends a verification text. If you say that you cannot access your other Apple device, you then simply have to put in the passcode for your other iPhone/device. When you do that - hey presto! Voila! You can put in an entirely new Apple ID password.

    The entire above process can take less than a minute. Self-restriction is dead, and those idiots at Apple managed to mangle a hitherto useful feature into the mud. I cannot fathom what complete moron thought that would be a good idea. The only alternative I can think of is getting someone else to put in their Apple ID for your ScreenTime, and for various reasons that is not an option for me.

    The whole reason behind having ScreenTime set up the way it was is because in times of weakness I do not trust myself. I trust the stronger version of myself who put the restrictions into place. It's the entire reason why I have used Pluckeye (on my laptop) to such success. My smartphone is the weak link (perhaps that is me, but oh well), and I cannot get rid of it due to work requirements.

    Can anyone, anyone think of any way that I can make my smartphone secure again? I absolutely hate being in this position - and I have no idea what to do. I've been fighting against masturbation and porn addiction for six years now.
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  2. 1. Log out of your iCloud and remain your ID Apple only by signing in on Appstore (to install apps)
    2. Set up your Screen Time Restrictions Options. (Allowed Websites Only on Safari, Disable Adult Contents in Music etc..., your choice)
    3 (Important). Disable: "Allow account changes" Feature in Content & Privacy Restriction. By doing this, you CAN'T change your apple id or sign in your iCloud (if iCloud isn't important, go for it)
    4. Set up a password by closing your eyes
    5. Finished. Now you have a secure iPhone.

    Well, there's always a way to remove Screen Time Passcode, but it requires computer and NOT on Pluckeye Level 2 + nhb feature (I also use Pluckeye, fufu)

    So yeah just be comfortable and relax hehe.
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    Would you mind sharing how to fortify oneself further against removing the Screen Time passcode using Pluckeye L2 + the NHB feature?
  4. TiredButEnduring

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    I hate to be that guy but I set it up as described and all I had to do to remove it was tap 'Turn Off Screen Time'.
  5. You can't remove Screen Time passcode with Pluckeye L2 + The NHB enabled. According to my experience, the reason is that I can't connect my phone with iTunes.

    (Actually I don't fully understand your question lol, sorry I'm not English-native speaker)
  6. You can't turn off screen time with passcode turned on (Screen Time Passcode)
  7. In my case i forgot my screen time passcode and my attempts has also exceeded and now I can’t disable it .
    I wanted to turn on restriction mode for adult site but i am completely helpless .
    Can any one tell me a method to disable screen time without using the forgot passcode trick because it has pushed me into a loophole where i enter my apple id amd password and as i do that it automatically take that as an attempt to write passcode idk why and then the 60 min lock is put in idk why this happens .
    Is there a way to get out of this ???
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    Okay, so what I have done is this:

    - I have logged out of iCloud on my iPhone, and then went on to ScreenTime
    - I then set up ScreenTime the way I needed it
    - I turned Account Changes to 'Don't Allow'
    - I then went and chose a 4-digit passcode
    - The phone then brought up the 'Screen Time Passcode Recovery Window'. I pressed 'Cancel' in the top-left corner of the screen.
    - It asked me if I was sure, and I pressed 'Skip'
    - Screen Time looks like it is set up, but when I go to tap 'Turn Off Screen Time'...

    It works.

    I can be such an idiot.
  9. Yes you can, let me inbox you!
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    I was under the impression the screen time passcode on iphones was near impossible to bypass without itunes. If this is the case I think a good system would be blocking everything you want to block on your iphone, then setting a screen time passcode that you don't know. Then having itunes on your computer, but also having pluckeye on your computer with the nhb feature enabled. This way if there ever was an emergency and you needed to remove your screen time passcode on your iphone, it would take your pluckeye delay time before you were able to do this, because it would take the delay time to allow the itunes program or disable the nhb feature etc.
  11. Then just switch Sim Card from smartphone to flip/basic phone, maybe. For emergency.

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