"How to seduce a girl" type stuff. My opinion.

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Should guys learn how to talk with girls using sites and books ? And is this manipulation ?

  1. Yes they should

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  2. No they shouldn't

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  1. Washwaverr

    Washwaverr Fapstronaut


    Recently i've seen many guys reading some type of tutorials on how to talk to women and how to "seduce" a women. By my opinion (might be a little harsh) this is a complete bullshit and it is disrespecting women and men for this simple reasons. If you are a man you would want to be genuine with a girl not trying to play some tricks on her mind that you've watched online, this is not you, this is some ohter guy's method who decided to spread his "flawless" word. Im sorry to tell you gentleman, but the moment you stop reading this stupid articles online will be the moment that you will find YOUR OWN PERSONAL WAY to seduce a women, or to talk with women, or to fucking become friends with a women. You don't deserve to not be yourself and use someone else's method to talk with girls and high-key brainwash them not being real with them. And they do not deserve getting baited by psychological tricks and not real conversation, real touch and real feelings.

    In other words, you are manipulating the girl, and this makes you a horrible asshole.
    Sorry for the bad language used.
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  2. CodeTalker

    CodeTalker Fapstronaut

    Totally agree with you on that. I will add that those sites can help you « hooking up » but doesn’t help in building a long lasting relationship.
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  3. red gyarados

    red gyarados Fapstronaut

    If a girl sleeps with you it’s because you brought something to the table that she wanted. I’ve many of the women I met tell me they knew I was trying to get laid and the rest were probably thinking it. Much more honest than playing the long game just so you can get mediocre sex eventually.
  4. Washwaverr

    Washwaverr Fapstronaut

    What do you mean mediocre sex? And why do you say eventually, getting to the sex part is as good as the actual sex, even more so when you achieved it on your own. But I still can't get why do you think the sex will be mediocre if you don't use "tricks" and you don't add on some manipulation to the mix. If you want to be honest tell the girl after that you used this stuff you red in a book on her so you can have sex with her and see how she reacts
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  5. red gyarados

    red gyarados Fapstronaut

    I told you there are no tricks. You just make a move and see how they respond
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  6. primaljade

    primaljade Fapstronaut

    You can seduce women by being genuine and not lying. Some dating coaches help with that, so I don't see the problem.

    If you mean videos that tell people how to trick women into bed, then I agree, it's pretty weak. I don't know what tutorials you're watching and reading.
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  7. red gyarados

    red gyarados Fapstronaut

    How do you trick women into bed anyway? They always seem to know what I’m trying to do to the point where I actually thought I was a good communicator for a while.
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  8. Online articles are mostly falsehood and even stupid in some ways...
    something like : `stealth attraction technique` (CIA proofed method) :D

    its hard to tell and had a specific formula in head that works on everyone because it wont!
    girls are different from girl to girl,
    some of them came to your place on first day, some others hate when guys putting up about sex ,

    but the main key,
    is growing trust and going slowly...

    you should know sex is not things getting start with, is something that things will end with it ,
    I mean, when you try to convince a girl to sleep with you , the more you try , more you getting far from having sex!
    but some of them are exact opposite, you should mention sex directly to them,...
    but mainly
    its starts with cuddles and soft touchs , then goes to kisses , then undressing and, you find your self ended up having a great sex...:)

    have a deep conversation is a very good idea,
    and tell her about sex in person,not chat or text or anything like that

    also don't try to put up sex directly in your conversations,tell her a dirty joke and see her reaction ,if she gets turned on you are doing good

    according to ancient texts, men are water and woman are earth
    they turn on more and have an deep desire on existential subjects like sex,birth,&..anything down to earth so to speak
    if.... you don't mention it directly...and/or mention it in a right time,

    this is my experience ,

    +you should proof yourself to her that you are the `One` , you are different , you care about her ,
    and try this things mostly on night time, I mean after 9 o clock in the night,
    if she can sleep over in your place, it would be better, try cooking together, watching movies together , and bit by bit you two get closer together, both in verbal
    and physical manner, and done, a great sex :)
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