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  1. James77

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    Hi I need help please. I have set up a journal by going to reboot logs 40+ and then starting a thread with my journal. Then I just reply to this thread each day. I presume this is correct? Then I want the link to the journal to be in my profile. When I copy the url it shows

    This doesn't work when I want to paste it into the space left in my profile where it must be pasted. I get an error saying it is not the correct type of text. Can somebody help please? Thanks
  2. Tiger uppercut!

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    My Journal
  3. James77

    James77 Fapstronaut

    Hi Tiger uppercut! Thanks when I post the link to the Journal thread link space in my Personal details it gives the error Please enter a value that matches the required format. However if I click on the link as posted here it go to the journal
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  5. James77

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    Thank you it worked!
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  6. Jack Fischer

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    Hi all, apologies for this situation. It's been resolved. The workaround cited above was exactly correct but is no longer needed. Thanks for flagging the issue
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