How to spend less time on YouTube?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by HegHeu, Feb 1, 2019.

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    I waste most of my time watching useless content on YouTube. It's like YouTube has become my porn alternative choosing a good prank video and watch and then start the cycle again.. Anyway I think its more healthier than pmo but it doesn't make a difference in my life. Its just nofap days are being added nothing else significant..

    How you guys will deal this if in my shoes?
    How u guys spend time?
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    I read one book per week. Let's say the book is 400 pages. 400 divided by 7 is 57. I have to then read 57 pages per day along with my other daily chores. I simply don't have time to spend more then a little time on YouTube per day some days no time. Sounds like you have to much time on your hands. Start reading one novel per week.
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    I would make it a rule to yourself that you will not spend tomorrow on youtube. Then when you do that you go to a week. I would also start meditating. Sam harris waking up app is pretty good guided meditation. I deal with exactly the same kind of shit. I recently started playing chess that also helps replace youtube. I also use the offtime app to restrict and pluckeye extension for chrome for the pc
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  4. First, you have made an important realization. And believe me, if there wasn't youtube, there'd be another way to find time to waste, as those of us who came of age well before the internet can go on forever about. Get to the library. Get a book on any topic and read it. I recommend true life tales, such as Into Thin Air. Improve your ability to cook. Find one simple recipe, announce to family and friends that you are going to look after dinner that night and do it. Even if it tastes like crap they will applaud your efforts. Basically, any time you can find to do something to improve your health or make the lives of those around you better you are finding another reason to take a folding chair and bash your porn habit to death.
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    I agree with the others. Find something that you like to do, and do more of it. For me, I've recently taken up bowling and reading. I've gone bowling the last two weeks (tremble before my 120 average games muwahahahaha) but it's something different. I'm only there for an hour or so, but it at least gets my mind off of porn. What do you like to do for fun? Try something and do it, and if that doesn't work, try something else. Plus when you start talking to women you'll have more things to talk about instead of the prank videos you watched on Youtube. Good luck out there and remember, every day is day one! Go get em!
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  6. I too am struggling with a YouTube addiction. I've decided to not even open YouTube until all my work for the day is done, this will be in the evening and i'll allow myself 30 minutes of youtube time. I have noticed it's easier to just not start watching than to stop when i've started, thus I will no longer watch videos with breakfast or during study breaks. On the weekends i will allow myself a little more time on YouTube, maybe an hour or two but only after i've finished my work for the day.
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  7. I know I do spend a bit too much time on youtube, but I have so far not bothered looking at anything remotely sexy or what might cause a trigger. But when it starts to get a bit late at night, or when I feel I have seen enough for one day, I say to myself, "I know what you are doing" and shut the thing off. Softcore porn is not at all hard to find on youtube. I'd hate to think about the number of young men - boys? - finding it and then finding themselves addicts.
  8. YouTube is quite addictive, it depends on what you're watching. If you are watching educational videos no problem, that's growth. Other than straight up closing it off cold turkey, I don't think there is another way.
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