How to stop binge eating?

Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by Fixmybrain, Dec 26, 2019.

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    I’ve kicked out PMO from my life and will continue to do so but I still have a problem with junk food. I’m just so addicted to it like salt n vinegar chips, cheeseburgers, fries, cake you name it. I’m too lazy too follow a strict calorie diet but I don’t know where to start. Anyone relate? I’m not ‘fat’ per se but I’m a tad bit overweight
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  2. One suggestion that comes to mind is try tapering off. This is what I did in regards to deserts. First on the list where cakes. Zero cakes unless at a party.

    I would get into the habit of saying no to cakes at the store. Then it moved on to pies, ice cream, cookies, and other pastries.

    I am now in the habit of not buying those things. I eat them occasionally when out socializing with others but I don't buy them anymore and bring them home.

    I think tapering off will be more effective than just going cold turkey on everything at once.

    Also substitute the junk food for good tasting quality foods. There are lots of fruits/vegetables that taste great and make for tasty snacks and even meals.
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    Just learn to cook shit that tastes good and is also healthy. Literally look up something like 'healthy meals', pick one that looks good and isn't to hard to cook and cook it. Get some recipes that you really enjoy eating and making, 5 or 6, and eat those rather than eating out. Just eat 3 meals a day and maybe have one day a week were you can go out and get a cheeseburger. If you excercise too you won't have to restrict how much you eat.
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    Start binging on fruit and vegetables?
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    You stop putting junk food in to your mouth. Easy.

    Your question is silly, you are lying to yourself and somehow trying to lie to us.
    Your problem is not that you put junk food in to your mouth, your problem is that you have no self control, you are not responsible, unreliable, lazy, and do not give a shit about your health.

    There was research showing that people are much more likely to properly administer medication to their pets than to take medication they were prescribed by a doctor.
    You do not give a shit about your health, and the reason is because you are not sick yet. You do not feel pain, you do not need to inject insulin, your heart is still beating.
    If you were honest with yourself you would admit - I get joy from this food, it makes me happy and I do not feel anything bad from eating it.... yet.

    I know a lifetime smoker, who said he will smoke until he is dead. When he got a heart attack later in life and doctor told him - if you smoke again, you are dead in 3 months. He turned in to non-smoker overnight.

    So tell me how much do you care about yourself, your body and your health, if you continue to destroy it with "junk food" - you do not care, no one taught you to care. Learn to care.
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    Hey man I can totally fucking relate to what you are ging through. Over the course of almost 4 years I went from 168 on average to 200lbs on average. Like you said, I ain't fat but I am definitely over weight. I think 207/8 was my top. It shocked me, if I keep eating more, I'm gonna get worse. My face gets fat and I fucking hate my belly already. So I started going to my community gym. I am now 195lbs, no where near my target but I am getting there.

    Here are the things that helped:
    -> Start walking everyday or 4 days a week for 20-40 mins.
    -> Consume green tea at least twice or thrice a day
    -> DONOT fucking buy any Sugary items like cup cake or fucking donuts even if its like 6 donuts for 1$. Fuck that sugar shit. FUCK cheese cakes. FUCK pizza. May be have a cheat day once every week IF you ate healthy and did cardio on 4-5 days.
    -> FUCK SUGARY drinks, DONOT keep them in the house. Its simple, DONT KEEP THEM IN YOUR HOUSE. IF you do have them, give them away to the maintenance workers or sth, they would really appreciate. They work their assess off, it wouldn't hurt them to have a can every day.
    -> Try to make vegetable soups at home....countless videos on Youtube on that.
    -> Donot eat heavy at night.

    These are all common sense, man! IF you feel so strongly about loosing weight, you will take whatever advice you need from this post. BTW some awesome advises are already in this post, I just felt like sharing from my experience.

    Godspeed! Feel free to message me if you wanna talk about it.
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    Thanks bro, I’ll take note. Fuck the idiots above you—I’m asking for advice here, not feeling sorry for myself or making excuses
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  8. I think addiction to junk food is a real problem. I can certainly understand how it is. Don’t know wtf that other guy is on about. I know it isn’t easy!

    Also I see now that diet is the overwhelming factor. A person can exercise all they want but if the diet isn’t right then the exercise gains are going to be minimal.

    Another thing that helped me was reading about success stories in getting ones weight down. Everyone that had sustained success mentioned one common item, eliminating sugar. I finally did that and it’s been a big help.

    Interesting how big a factor sugar is.
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    This is so hard. I've struggled with binge eating for like 4 years. It's so hard to overcome and often there is something psychological behind it. For me I always found pleasure in food and it was my go to pleasure when I was seeking it, especially when experiencing negative emotions. I was also obsessed with my weight and body image and wanting to diet and lose weight which fueled and all or nothing mentality and a cycle of binges and then trying to restrict.

    What helped me is staying busy and away from home or other places of temptation. Working, going out more helped me to limit food intake to at least a reasonable amount. Then skipping meals when I could helped me lose weight over time as well as less binging. Find things to do other than eating. Watch TV, talk to people, read, cultivate a hobby or interest etc. . Then try to start listening to your body when you eat. You are allowed to eat some of your favorite foods and snacks in moderation, but you must balance them out with healthy amounts of proteins and vegetables. Try to stop eating when you are full. It's hard but worth it. Stop thinking so much about food, even if it's thinking about a diet or how you should eat. Educate yourself and then stop focusing on it because it can lead to binges.

    You can do this! You were able to lock PMO out which just shows what a strong person you are. I know you can kick this bad habit/behavior out. Let me know if you want any help with it
  10. Fenix Rising

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    1. Start walking 30 min 5 to 6 days a week. Add +10 min every week until you hit an hour or more if you like
    2. Start drinking 2-3L of fresh water a day (you can squeeze lemon in it). You can also drink sugar free tea, coffee or mineral water if you like, but nothing else
    3. Start cooking your own meals if possible. It's fun to learn and women love men who can cook better then them
    4. Add 2 fruit snacks between meals. This is great way to make you feel full. I have a rule to eat at least 3 different fruits a day and usually end eating more than that
    5. Avoid fast food restaurants like a plague
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    Move to the third world. We all are thin here, except criminals.
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    If you're only a bit overweight, you can keep eating junk food you only need to exercise harder. So you can still eat the burger or pizza or whatever, it doesn't matter. You'll lose the extra weight via working out harder.

    I think the easiest way is to replace a meal with a tasty healthy meal. For example, I eat Quaker's musli 1x a day. It's tasty, it does not piss me off. It's a bit for pussies, but I don't care, for it's tasty and quite healthy (although I think real musli is more healthy).
    So, I eat one portion of this. It means I've replaced a, I dunno, 2x whoppers from Burger King with this ^. That's good.

    Mostly the idea is. If you eat junk food for taste, you need to find more tasty healthy meals to replace it. You're not cut to eat plain staple, that's too difficult for you. So easiest way is find tasty healthy meals. What do you fancy? Strawberries. Cool, buy 1kg of strawberries, for example.

    The 2nd idea is. You eat junk food because you hate cooking (it takes too long, you have to clean up). If your balance allows it, order healthy food. For example instead of ordering pizza, I order WOK with beef (spicy), 2 portions. Is it super healthy? For me it, is! Compare it to burgers and pizza, for example.

    Also on Coca Cola. Coca Cola regular is a killer. So much sugar. Swap it with Coca Cola zero. Yes, zero tastes a bit more like crap but it's slight change and sugar intake really improves so it's worth it.

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