How to stop chaser effect?

Discussion in 'Porn Addiction' started by Hachiraya, Apr 17, 2021.

  1. Hachiraya

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    How to stop that shit? I had gone 156 days without PMO and boom - a relapse. Now I relapse almost everyday. I will stop, I know, but when? How?
    How do I stop that stupid effect? Please help.
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    Wish I knew the answer to this... Coming off of a 53-day streak, and I PMO'd 4 times in 24 hours (including the initial incident). Since then, urges have been pretty darn strong, and this has lead to some edging (without P). Happily, no PMO since that initial binge... almost at 4 days. So while I don't know how to stop the chaser effect, here are some ways that I manage it:

    Some practical strategies that I have used to manage the strong urges:
    1. do 10 push-ups whenever I touch the little guy, even if incidentally (tbh, I could be doing better at this).
    2. reduce screen time to as little as possible (and keep phones/computers/tablets/etc. out of any private areas of the house).
    3. fasting: I've found that, if I'm really having a hard time getting grounded again, a 24-hour water/coffee fast helps a lot (with minimal food or some juice/milk, if needed).

    As a Catholic, there is also a strong spiritual component, including:
    1. Going to Confession.
    2. Being more diligent about prayer time.
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    I can add to my own question:
    Cold showers.
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