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    I am on 28 days streak now. But now an then I start edging. How can i stop it ?
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  2. Take your hand off your penis, move away from what's triggering you, and perform a distraction activity, whatever takes your mind off it. Another way might be to donate £5 to a charity each time you edge - you do good to others and do good to yourself.
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  3. Ra's Al Ghul

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  4. Beware of triggers.

    Pay attention to your thoughts. If a thought could lead to PMO, or lust or whatever, stop and think about or do something else.

    It's okay to get a little "extreme" about this. Maybe it's the only way. It's easier, frankly.
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    Was just passing by and really needed this. Thank you guys.
  6. Uncomfortably Numb

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    Fight your mind... your brain is trying to convince you that edging is ok as it is not PMO.
    However it nearly always leads to PMO.
    Your brain is upping the ante... you must do the same.
    Fight it with some of the techniques mentioned above.
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    I am too in the stage of cutting out sexual fantasization and it's not easy. But once I can cut it off I feel a sudden relief as if I took back control of my own brain. Try it out if you don't believe me.
    When you realize a thought arise, you must cut it off immediately.
    In china's Jiese forums, people like to recite a phrase;
    thought arise, cut it out.
    Thought arise, follow not.
    Thought arise, be aware.
    Once aware, it is naught.
    Internalize every word and make it your weapon! Don't recite it in your mind brainlessly, recite it with awareness, control, determination and the intention to kill!!!
    You must memorize this phrase and let it sink in your subconscious. You want to reach to a point where a thought is cut off automatically once it arise. Don't think it's hot, don't think about "enjoying" it, simply kick it out of your head. A successful reboot require constant vigilance and a strong awareness.
    It's either you defeat the thought or the thought defeats you. Sexual fantasization is a checkpoint in rebooting. Those who cannot stop sexual fantasization will fail indefinitely.
    Thoughts will arise no matter how long you reboot, it is up to you to take control of your own thoughts and be responsible for them. That brief moment of cutting out sexual fantasization is the bread and butter of rebooting, and it is rebooting at it's most important stage. From the moment the thought arise to the moment you cut it off will be the turning point of the battle.
    They say that we cultivate the military for a lifetime but only use it for an instance. When you use your phrase to cut off the thought, you are slaughtering a bloody path in the army of the temptation. Only then you can escape from it's grasp. Otherwise it will only be a vicious cycle.

    You must also study cases of brothers who suffered from masturbation. Study up on articles every day which will strengthen your determination. Your knowledge of the harm of masturbation will also serve as a barrier that protects you from improper thoughts and the act of masturbation itself.

    Edging will deplete your essence and it will do harm to your body. It is the invisible form of leakage that can be quite damaging. Once you start edging, you must understand your spirit is being drained and your essence will escape at the same time. In traditional chinese medicine, it is said that "when the mind sways, essence will leave"
    If you don't believe me, you can look in the mirror following edging/ sexual fantasization and you will notice your eyes lacking spirit and turning sluggish. You complexion will change to a more wretched demeanor. Even if the features on your face look the same, you can notice a degradation in the overall spirit of your face.
    This is the physical reflection of the damaging effects. Please be aware of it.

    I hope this helps,

    If you want to read up more about it, read soaring eagle's book on rebooting. He stayed clean for 6 years!
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  8. Adamantem

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    This is some of the best advice to beat your addiction. It is some of the same tactics that I have developed in order to make everyday life more tolerable and not sexualize any female I see (which usually ends up to PMO). Now this particular method may sound absurd or comical, but this worked for me, at least. It is said that the brain likes to put faces and images to things so that you can recognize them and associate them with certain feelings. If I want to change my view on something, then, I assign another "face", or feeling, to it. That's why I am able to watch a lot of horror movies to an extent. I always associate the terror and fear with a more benign connotation. When I was younger, I imagined that the Slenderman was my best friend who would chop all of my enemies into little pieces (I still do). So, whenever a lewd or pornographic thought comes to mind, I imagine that I stab it directly in the head with a knife or something like that. Or I just pretend I am talking to someone (only do this one if you are alone for....obvious reasons). I do whatever I can to sway my mind. Of course, you may have to adapt thid methods or reject altogether depending on type of person you are.
    I hoped this helps. Keep fighting brother!
  9. 8Maverick8

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    This was beautiful brother
    Thank you
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    Whenever I have an urge I stab it in the eye and make sure it never comes back. Moreover, get a change to check out that book, it really helps

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