How to stop starring at boobs ?

Discussion in 'Problematic Sexual Behavior' started by christian17, Nov 3, 2019.

  1. christian17

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    I always feel bad when i am doing it, following to that i have difficulties to talk with very beautiful girls
  2. Concorde-96

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    It's hard but just look girls in the eyes
  3. Stare at their boobs when they arent looking. When they look, look at their eyes.
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  4. Homelander

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    Just accept that you love boobs, there is absolutely nothing wrong with that!
    I'm an ass person myself and stare at nice ass every chance i get.
    Just make sure to do this is a acceptable manor so you don't look like a creep.
  5. Funkypunky

    Funkypunky Fapstronaut

    Self control is the answer i've been checking out every cleavage or an ass i see in public lately and i kinda started feeling like a pervert so i tried to control myself and not look and it's getting a little bit better.
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  6. Mistersofty

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    Use the 2-3 second rule where you take a quick peek, then move on. I had this problem yesterday when a young raven chick that looks pretty much like a pornstar showed up to the gym and was dressed in a way that showed her assets.
  7. Daxos

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    Remember, the mind always puts it's attention to whatever has it's interest at that time. You looking at boobs when you are out, means that your interests of that moment are placed within the sexual sphere. That means your current goals and wishes also belong there. To break that pattern, you need to form a new purpose or goal, one of which your brain will shift it's focus and attention to. When you do that, you won't even notice the boobs anymore.
  8. Cool I Can Use Spaces

    Cool I Can Use Spaces Fapstronaut

    Look them in the eyes and talk to them normally. I find that engaging in conversation with women stops me from looking at them as sex objects.
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  9. Funkypunky

    Funkypunky Fapstronaut

    We are talking random girls in public places you cant judt talk to every girl you see.
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  10. dankestmemes

    dankestmemes Fapstronaut

    Look at the nose and mouth. In professional settings, look at their eyes or forehead. If the boobs are exposed, there's nothing wrong with admiring them as long as you're not being sketchy about it. Some women wear certain clothes for a reason.
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  11. Cool I Can Use Spaces

    Cool I Can Use Spaces Fapstronaut

    I do struggle with this too. I look at something else right away if I can’t talk to them.

    At the climbing gym I’m constantly bouncing my eyes else where.

    Even when I was bicycling regularly I’ve never seen so many beautiful looking women concentrated in one place as I’ve seen in the climbing gym. Every woman at the climbing gym has a perfect body. So it’s a challenge not to be a creeper. I try my best to concentrate on my climbing, bounce my eyes elsewhere, or talk when I get a chance.
  12. Hesychast

    Hesychast Fapstronaut

    Aye, rock climbing gyms are bloody difficult. At least we can focus on the task at hand, and yes, it does help actually striking up a conversation hey!
    I've also noticed a few girls checking me out when I'm climbing, so it does go both ways.

    I'm trying to be aware of the fact that I'm trying to change my automatic reactions, so averting ones' eyes in public is a good start. It also helps me to prep myself beforehand- being aware that it's a warm day and I'm going into town, so there will be temptation to stare at women, and to minimise it as much as I can.
  13. quit@porn

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  14. deez3r

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    You have to make the conscious effort to stop staring, you have to be self-aware enough to realize when you're staring and then immediately stop. Eventually you'll pick up on it much faster and you can teach yourself to stop staring at boobs and look at other things instead.
  15. kropo82

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  16. Fight the good fight

    Fight the good fight Fapstronaut

    I understand your concern. I struggle but I have many more wins than losses.

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