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Discussion in 'Self Improvement' started by MrBrive, Jun 9, 2019.

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    Hey guys.

    I just wanted to give advice and inspire. I'm currently on day 47.

    I relapsed countless times like alot of people; before 1 week. At some point I read that a new habit will form if you:
    1. Know how
    2. Are able to
    3. Want do

    I realised that I just didn't want it enough. If you don't Truly want to stop with this stupid habit, you will relapse fats because you will give in very fast. You'll think ahh.. It's still soon ill just start tomorrow.

    NO. Don't. First truly ask yourself Do I want to stop? Why do I want to stop? How does relapsing make me feel? When you figure that out, make it your goal to pass 1 week of Nofap. Not 90 days. 1 week. If you reach those 7 days, you will have a personal record. Every day from then, you will have set a new record. Go for 2 weeks. For 3. For 4. For 1 month.

    After about 20 days (for me) it got easier. You simply can't allow yourself to slip up, because you will have lost so much time. I'm now at day 47, and I just can't even imagine why I would relapse.

    Even with urges, I want to but I think: more than A Month I will have to go through again to come to this point. I don't want that. The ratio days-relapse becomes bigger and bigger further on a streak.

    When you relapse then, you will know how many days you will have to count until you will be at where you are now. I NEED to get to 90 days and beyond.

    Everybody can stop with this habit. You have got to truly want to stop.

    I wish everybody good luck,

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    Indeed, you have to truly hate the habit in order to conquer it. It won't work otherwise.
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