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  1. YugenDran

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    I am turning 18 on june.
    I want to pursue my passion but my father getting worried that i fail and seriously hindering my dreams.
    I do get lazy time to time and my father is not really convinced that i will get financially balanced.
    People around me forcing me to do this do that talk to this guy talk to that guy.
    My father always pushing me to talk to other family members but i just cant.. I dont like them they totally different people with different perspective.I always embrace being alone and being around people makes me sick.How can i explain to my father that i love being alone...
    The pressure is too much.
    What you guys do if you in my shoes?
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  2. cd013

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    What is hindering you exactly if I may ask?
  3. don'tlookbackinanger

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    I can't stress how much I love looking at that title. I've had a similar problem with my parents.

    Here's some advice:
    -Wait for their good mood, never approach them when they're in a bad mood.
    -Rehearse what you want to say, it brings clarity.

    your dad is mostly just trying to help you. He doesn't know exactly what you need so he's helping you the best he can.

    okay, I would never tell my parent that I "love" being alone. I would not say this to myself. You want to say "I like talking to selective people" or "I enjoy my own company".
  4. YugenDran

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    Yea man i guess my father trying hard to help me
    Thanks for the 1st tip tho waiting for their good mood i m gonna try to talk to my father tmrw :D
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  5. Mistersofty

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    I remember when I was your age, my coach pulled me aside and said “you need to be a better communicator”. I sort of shrugged it off and carried on, being stuck in my own little world. Those words of wisdom from my coach now stand out in my mind as I realize how important communication is and how big of an impact it has on the quality of ones life.
    Find a way to speak to your parents. Let them know what you want. This is where YOU begin to dictate where you go in life, not your parents. That doesn’t mean that you should ignore their advice either, because they have a lot more experience in life, so they can often foresee things that you might not. Just make sure they know that you’re the one in the driver seat. Good luck!
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  6. YugenDran

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    Thank you I am struggling to get out from my comfort zone
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  7. Purity Power

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    Show him these type of videos lol:

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