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    Hey guys.
    Ooh internet, everything is there, no ending material of all kind of content. So this means that there are some useful, good stuff for us and there are harmful ones too.
    Let's talk about Porn from that perspective. It's pleasurable, easy access material. You can just watch it for hours, get addicted on it, give it everything, I mean, use that internet's power for "non-profit" thing. That's not only Porn, but also, Facebook, Instagram and other social media, Youtube and so on. They are not as damaging as Porn, but everyone will approve that they are stealing our time for no good reason, I don't mean always, but you got me right?
    About internet bright side? Example is here, Nofap, site that gave me knowledge about Porn Addiction and then I used that knowledge for my own good, to give up the addiction, that didn't even know it was an addiction. So, it's turned up to be the GOOD thing for me. Youtube, google, bunch of other sites, reddit, an so on, in every of them there are tool to be used for your personal development and for getting more aware to things.
    To cut short. My idea is that internet is tricky thing, it can do many harmful things to you, it can be very damaging but, if you use it in a right way, it can be complete opposite.
    What do you think? Or have you found some useful parts of the internet which can be used?
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    very true the internet can be really damaging for a person daily life where to put his/her time on. The good part the internet is hard to find but there plently when you find them right so good parts of the internet i found:

    These stuff i name ar free btw if you search in good way)
    Online curses for something you wanna do.
    workout guides.
    Ted Talks some of them give a lot of usefull information.
    Learn to meditate online.
    Movies with philosophy like inception/ Or movies that's based on the truth give also good life lessons.
    Watching videos that shows what discipline truly means.
    Watching discussions like i believe... change my mind.
    Motivational speeches on youtube example:
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  3. The good stuff on the internet was a help in the early part of the year.

    -On YouTube there's an anti-porn channel named "Mindful Habit" that I went to regularly to listen to the guy's videos about quitting porn. Very good help.
    -A website that helped me quite a bit was Helped me develop a hatred for porn and the porn industry.
    -Back to YouTube, there were three Quitting Porn Mediation videos I found that were a big help, I would listen to them regularly. I still listen to the 48 minute one from time to time as sort of a routine maintenance procedure for my mind. I'll lay still and listen and concentrate on what's being said.

    Lots of good tools on the internet for kicking the habit. But one must remember that those are just some of the "tools in the toolbox". There are other things needed to kick this habit.
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    Thanks for links
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  5. Here’s the link to the 48 minute quit porn video I still listen to once in awhile. It has a powerful ending. It was and is a big encouragement to me.

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