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Discussion in 'Rebooting - Porn Addiction Recovery' started by HippyMinstrel, Jan 24, 2017.

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    Wait are you saying that is your goal along with no PMO?
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    I tried with HARD MODE but I had sex with a girl and soon others will come. I do not know if orgasm can diminish the reeboot but I'm much, much better. So I continue with the NOFAP but I align with PM.

    I left my girlfriend because I was not really sure I loved her.
    I did it 3 times in 4 years. i'm 35 old and im italian from Italy.
    This time it's over, she said enough. and she did well. now I feel like shit, because she stay with another man, and this finally pushed me to stop with the PMO.
    Now I do not know if the porn has affected, and how much on this
    relationship but I think it is very harmful for healthy and normal relationships.
    Now i'm in HARD MODE, so no orgasms at all. For 90 days.
    My life has always been the manic search for sex and tons of porn. Now I have enough, I decided to detach myself for a while from sex in general and to find and cultivate female friendships without always trying to fuck them, I want to find myself, inner peace and true love.
    With my ex I was always looking for a more beautiful chicks even if she was not bad but still I did it well.
    Now stop .
    Now I want to become better.
    Now i'm just need nofap and no orgasms for 90 days.
    I do not want to be a slave to the idea of needing useless females to feel good, just to feed my ego.

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  3. paologabbers

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    today is 10 days without orgasm and im fell normal, a little bit sad , but im think about my ex just for this and also i feel very emotional and i tend to cry without reason.
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  4. t-jam

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  5. Geshe

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    You spend too much time indoors, spend most of your time outside with friends.
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  6. mrMyer10

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    Day 0. I hope i can do this. No P No M.
  7. Supermarron

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    I am wondering how do I mention somebody by @Somebody.m
  8. Purplehaze

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    Good luck man.
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    i am glad too
  11. Busayo olowokande

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    I am new here, I need to quit porn and masturbation, I have been doing these for about 3 years now, I do it everyday but I am limiting it to 3 times a week, I believe I am going to quit soon
  12. Levi Walton

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    Porn has ruined my relationships and all aspects of my life, I can't believe I got to this point of addiction and am ashamed I have always been spiritual and sickens me to think of how much I crave watching porn. I need help Ive try many times to stop.
  13. Hello Iam new to this community .Today is my Day 0.I have been practising avoiding masturbation over the last 1and a half years.when i tried it first , i did not masturbate for two weeks. then i did it almost daily , but soon after that i only did it once or twice a week. then all of a sudden i stopped and i avoided masturbation for almost two months .(although i did come close to masturbation as i watched a video but i did not ejacuate.) after that i kept PMO for a few days until i stopped for a week, then a month ,then again a week , again a monts for 40 days.After this i did masturbate weekly or every two weeks until i stopped this habit for 52 days(but idid have mastur. without porn or ejacuation.but it happened only once and i did not use my hand mostly).I masturbated yesterday and today , and now i joined nofap to solve my problem i joined nofap.Please help me.

    Thank you.
  14. Esotericly addicted

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  15. Esotericly addicted

    Esotericly addicted New Fapstronaut

    It's common for addicted .I have the same phenomenon. I am on day 3 and haven't touched the tool.
  16. Esotericly addicted

    Esotericly addicted New Fapstronaut

    It's completely natural. U should be infact proud of ur instinct and ur craving for porn. But every thing should be done in limit.It's good u realized ur flaw .Just don't fap for next 7 days..And see the amazing results I am on day 3 and I already staesta seeing my concentration coming back to me like lost lover..
  17. Mustamiir

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    Before I found this site I go to videos on YouTube to keep me focused
  18. TaronEger

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    Thank you for this guide. My first post in the newbie section was kinda short so I continued my introduction in my first journal entry. Hope this is ok. :)
  19. Hikmat yar

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    I am 29 and unfortunately I am a porn and masturbation addicted, at start I masturbate 3-4 times a days for years. After that i reduce the masturbation rate 5-6 time per month,This addiction makes me very worry about my future, and think I depressed deeply, i feel that i will never be a father because I feel that I lost all my energy by watching porn and masturbation by the way i had never sex with girl in my life . now I got engaged I promise with my self to avoid porn and masturbation. I have almost got power to control watching porn and masturbation.last time i masturbate on 7th january 2018 after that i never touched and watched porn month before after that energize my willpower and controlled everything And now please someone told me that if controlled every thing ,after my marriage would I be able to be a father ?????????????
  20. kizito2nv

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    Hi am kizito, and am addicted to masturbation and i really hope to get as much support from this forum,
    started masturbating at the age 16, it has always been a off and on thing, until lately when i started having emotional issues in my relationship,
    where my girlfriend no longer shows care and concern like she used, it's so bad that she forgot my birthday , which led to depression,
    cos am soft dude, the only way i could get relief was streaming porn then masturbate , i was hurting inside, cos the feeling is false euphoria,

    lately i notice that i lost control of it cos i love this girl so much and not getting the feelings returned kills me inside to ease the tension masturbate frequently,

    what hit me was i started doing it not just in my room, bathroom, but doing during office hours at the toilet, that's when i new i needed help then i found this, i have talked to her about this but didn't seem to care i guess i will take a 90 days reboot using monk cutting ties from to see if i can get my head together ,

    i love her but i will try to keep the distance from her, if she decides a break up then it was never meant to be, but i need to have control over my life,

    my emotions and not feeling constantly under pressure, unlike other where porn is the trigger, my girlfriend is the trigger to porn, then masturbation, ur candid advice would be appreciated
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