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Discussion in 'New to NoFap' started by mumchance, Jan 24, 2017.

  1. AJ new day

    AJ new day Fapstronaut

    Please how do I get a badge so I can get started
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  2. CTRL + DEL

    CTRL + DEL Fapstronaut

    You don't need a badge to get started.

    But I just have you one as your first like ;)
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  3. warrior_01

    warrior_01 Fapstronaut

    Hello ! Started NOFAP from today. I am a 7+ years of addict. I feel the time has come for me to reboot, restart my life.
    Am Male 24 years old. PMO has affected my life in many way include no life skills, social anxiety, troublesome relationships, loss of job opportunities, suicidal thoughts, fake living and abnormal confidence swings. I decided to cease from Porn, Masturbating, Orgasm(since am unmarried). This is my day 0.
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  4. Hi guys I please how do I start my counter?
  5. 3ayshleh

    3ayshleh Fapstronaut

    pray and then God will do
  6. i have stopped mastuburation but i0m having nightfall
  7. WigglyJKilla

    WigglyJKilla Fapstronaut

    How do I check my counter (outside of replying to threads like this...)?
  8. yic

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  9. ME Struggler

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  10. unlockthew

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  11. Bigpesos

    Bigpesos Fapstronaut

    How do I start my counter?
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  12. AdmiralSnakbar

    AdmiralSnakbar Fapstronaut

    Set it up here.
  13. Simo18

    Simo18 New Fapstronaut

    Hi everyone i'm new to this community i'm 17 years old well my story begins when i discovered porn was 12 and i started masturbating and enjoying straight porn when i was 13 but when i became 15 i don't know i just found gay porn i just discovered it by curiostiy and i started masturbating to it i don't know because of my porn addcition i started to feel bored of straight porn and i started to get aroused when i watch gay porn look people i'm not a gay i'm straight i always had cruch on girls and women also i'm not attracted to men in real life i don't like them but i don't know when i watch gay porn i feel aroused and after masturbating i regret doing that also i just feel depressed these days and i always ask myself am i a gay ? i like to return to my normal form now i'm scared and i don't want to be gay i wanna have a gf or a wife and have kids also i want to beat this pmo i want you to give some suggestions i can't take this anymore i wanna return to the good old me !
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  14. Gethealthy

    Gethealthy New Fapstronaut

    So my issue isn’t as much related to pornbut more the addictive nature of having frequently visited bi/gay hookup websites such as fabguys and fabswingers and chatting to and meeting men. I have met guys before and invited them to my office, used poppers and performed oral sex onthem whilst high. Afterwards I feel the guilt and I tend to purge by throwing away any poppers I have and deleting my account on fabguys only to become horny again 3-4days later sometimes a week and the circle happens again. I email a few guys, gethorny looking at pics of their cocks, message them seeing when they are free, go out and buy poppers and have themover for me to perform oral sex on them again. It’s got worse recently too, I oftenlike using dildos and so similarly I will go to a local sex shop, buy a big dildo (usually 8-9”) some poppers and a lube. I’ll play onmy own but there is a boredom that sets in with not being able to share it with anyone so I’ll go back to fabguys, see who’s on kik, and get off on videoing myself riding a big dildo and love guys response to me doing it. Then I’ll cum, have the guilt trip, throwmy toys away and lube and poppers andthen the circle repeats again and again. It wouldn’t be an issue so much if I wassingle and this is how I wanted to live my life as I’m not hurting anybody else but the truth is I am married and I own my ownbusiness, so when I partake in theseactivities privately albeit with other men, I am not being productive at work and my marriage is suffering because I constantly want deceitful my wife and I can’t help but try and introduce or mention introducingsomething a bit taboo into the equationwhich my wife is not comfortable with and she’ll often question why our normal sex life isn’t enough. I’ve suggested things like her fucking me with a dildo, me wearing achastity cage so she can control me, or me worshipping her feet etc. She point blankrefuses to engage in any of my fantasies which I think is slightly unfair because Ithink we need to be open to trying new things but I think my addictive behaviour has caused me to desire a kinky sex life. Please help me because I don’t want to behave like this anymore but as a lot ofyou will be aware, once the hormones start kicking in and you get horny, the mentalpatterns I’ve created are too hard to resist. Would welcome your opinions.
  15. DreamingToQuit

    DreamingToQuit New Fapstronaut

    Hello folks! I am the new kid in the block. Been suffering from porn addiction for almost a decade. I need to stop this. I am here for help. Looking forward for your help and support.
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  16. Gambler Kaiji

    Gambler Kaiji Fapstronaut

    Greetings, I'm new to all this so feel free to let me know if i'm screwing anything up. Call me Kaiji for short. Kept on the straight and narrow all my life. No drugs, no tobacco, alcoholism is rampant on my mother's side so my folks kept me on the up and up as far as that's concerned. My only problem has been PMO. I'm self aware enough to admit its an addiction that's caught me in it's grasp, but I find it difficult to quit. I managed six months of not fapping because my mind was preoccupied with a sickness I was wrestling with at the time. Now that i'm healthy again the temptations have increased leading to multiple relapses. While my overall frequency has decreased to once every two to three weeks, I still feel awful having relapse at all. I relapsed again today and was about to give in once more, but as I opened my browser I decided to come here instead. I had never given this sort of thing a shot, my past endeavors of tackling this have been on my own. I figured putting this out there, even if no one reads it, would be better than bottling it up as my own private matter that no one should know about. I still have to face facts that the only person that is going to beat this is myself, but at the same time admitting to this even anonymously helps put things into perspective of facing this for what it is.
    I look forward to seeing more of you guys in the future. Godspeed fellow fapstronauts.
  17. Ajith pa

    Ajith pa New Fapstronaut

    how can i count my days in this site
  18. Kumarsaha

    Kumarsaha New Fapstronaut

    How can i stop mastrubation
  19. Thank you for the guide, as well as good luck to all the newbies on their journey towards making a better version of yourself.
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